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Saturday, November 1, 2014

When it's getting colder and darker find things you enjoy doing

Here in Sweden the temperature is dropping rapidly and the afternoons are quickly becoming darker. 

This can lead to increased sadness, depressive thoughts and just feeling low on energy. It's easy to feel demotivated to do things when it's dark and cold outside. Because let's admit it.... no matter how positive you try to be, the warm comfy bed is always more tempting than getting up at 6am and having to walk out into the snow and cold.

The best way to get you feeling more positive and not feel so low is to have things to look forward to. And to do things you enjoy. When It gets colder and darker even i can find it hard to get to the gym or even leave the house but I know that I will feel better if I do. Because sometimes the hardest thing is to actually leave the house.

Plan this with friends and family. Maybe go for coffee or to the cinema,  or out to eat. Or just have a move night at home. Or have some friends or family over for dinner or baking. Start a new hobby or activity.

Small things every week which can motivate you. Or even small things like wrapping yourself in a blanket,  drinking some tea and reading a book can be your motivation in the morning to leave the house and go to school knowing that when you come home you can do those things.

Also think about taking extra D vitamin and getting some fresh air everyday!!! Try to leave the house even if you don't want to, it can help. Or call a friend or talk to someone. If you are someone who does get winter depressed don't be scared to talk to someone.

Don't let winter, coldness and darkness bring you down. Instead make the best of the situation. Because whether you like it or not.... winter comes around every year (if you live in Europe anyway :))

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