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Saturday, November 1, 2014

When food/eating gets boring

Something i have noticed alot recently is people telling me they get bored of eating and bored of food. And trust me, i understand this. I went through a phase of this when i was at Mando. I was like fine, ok i need to eat. But the food i eat is just so boring i want to eat something else. Imagine for a year all you had eaten for snacks is plain/vanilla yoghurt, fruit, cornflakes/muslie, crisp bread/bread & butter & cheese/jam & a mix of juice flavours..... eating that 3 times per day for a year (almost) i was like: Nope, im not eating this anymore. I am tired of food, i am tired of eating. I was bored.... which very often happens to me. I find combinations i love and then i get bored of them, try something else and love it and keep eating it until i move onto a next combination.
   I went to the dietician several times trying to get her to change my meal plan... give me new options. I think i had some of the most options for snacks at Mando. Most people only had 1-3 options and i had 5-7 options on all of my snacks (morning, afternoon and night snack). I did struggle with indecisiveness, but it actually helped to have many options to choose from because then if i was craving one option it was easy to choose that.

There was also a period when i was half recovered and i became super bored of eating. I understood you had to eat but at the same time i didnt want to eat. I felt like my whole day was just spent eating, and i was bored of it. I didnt want to have to keep lifting a spoon or fork to my mouth all the time. These types of thoughts seem crazy to someone who has never had an eating disorder but i understand them because i have had them as well. Even sometimes now a days when i feel like i just spend my whole time eating i get bored of it and think.... isnt there more to life than food? hahah

Soo... how to combat these 2 problems. When it comes to boredom of what you are eating then try new foods. Look at some food inspirtion on Tumblr or Pinterest. Find new recipes. Go to the food shop and look at aisles you havent looked at before try a new food. Like maybe try glass noodles instead of egg noodles or try a new bread type or buy a new kind of fruit or biscuit. Of course if you follow a meal plan it might be harder to change the foods as you have to follow your meal plan but trying talking to your dietician, tell him/her that you want to try new foods. Trust me, you might be surprised.
   Instead of eating yoghurt 3 times a day or bread 3 times a day maybe try rice pudding or oatmeal or pancakes as part of a snack. If you eat the same food all the time of course you will get bored... who wants to live in a square box all their life anyway? Try new foods and new things. Broaden your taste buds!!

And when it comes to feeling bored/tired of eating... then find things to do. If you are an inpatient/daypatient or have to just be at home then find activities like scrapbooking, making collages, editing photos, online games, sims, watching movies, watching tutorials, painting, drawing, making jewelry, learning a new language or subject etc etc... things which you can devote your time to so that it doesnt feel like you just sit around and wait for your next meal. Instead food should be something you enjoy.. it shouldnt be eating just because you have to eat (of course that is how it can feel at times, but then you need to try making food more fun). Trying new foods or even decorating your foods... like making pancakes and then having really delicious toppings like chocolate buttons, whipped cream, strawberries, granola etc can make it more fun to eat. Or if you have spent time preparing your food (though i dont advise spending too much time planning/thinking/preparing food or spending too much time looking at food pictures or recipes because this can lead to obsessive behaviour which isnt good either.)

Find ways to make eating and food fun, something you enjoy not something you are bored or dread.
It can also help to make things like smoothies and milkshakes and easily eaten food when you are having a period where you are just tired of eating. Then drink juice/milk/smoothies as snacks and other things such as bananas, cookies, nuts, dried fruit etc!!! :)

I hope this helps anyone who is feeling this way at the moment :) 


  1. Thank you for writing this post. Lately I've been feeling bored of food. I'm not as hungry when I'm about to eat as I am when I restrict. I don't desire food so much. I think that's part of the reason I would restrict. I obsessed over food, thought about it all the time, looked at recipes and pictures of food, smelled food, arranged it and just looked at it. But when you actually start eatin it's not as appealing its just there and you don't want it so bad. It's weird I know but if you know what I'm talking about please comment! :)
    Next time I go food shopping I'll try to get something new :) and maybe a new hobby wouldn't hurt either :)

  2. Thank you for the tips! I very often feel totally blahhhhh about what to have and nothing sounds/taste good.

  3. I feel like that a lot at the moment. I'm not allowed in the kitchen or to choose my own food after over 9 months of being in recovery. My parents get to decide what I eat and they would only let me choose if I were to choose something unhealthy. I know what they're worried about but ultimately it is my decision. I want to be a healthy person (actually healthy) and I will try to work on enjoying treats occasionally but my parents think that in order to be fully recovered I have to not want to be healthy and not care about what I'm putting into my body at all. Do you have any advice like how to work with your parents and what to say to them?