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Monday, November 3, 2014

What ive put my body through

Yesterday i began thinking, im only X years old but ive already put my body through so much. Both on the outside and in the inside it has has to endure alot... sometimes i wonder how my bones are still strong and my body isnt still covered in scars.
   But the body is quiite amazing how it repaires itsself after so much damage. Some damage however is irreversable.... some things your body cant fix.

You might not be thinking about these things right now, but someday you might. Someday you will regret all those years of purging because they have eroded your teeth so much, has caused you permanent acid reflux and for some they cant even eat solid food or alot of food at once because it just comes back up again. The metabolism so ruined.
  You might end up in hospital with organ failure, dehydratation or in the worst case cardiac arrest. Your heart not being able to cope with everything its being put through.

You have one body, that is all you will ever have. You may be able to change your outsides with plastic surgery, different operations or through food and exercise. But your insides... its those that matter. All the hours exercise you do just to try to get a flat stomach, that wont matter when you suddenly develop adrenal fatigue/exhausation or you collapse or even die from all the stress the exercise puts on your body.
   Those laxatives you took to keep you from 'gaining' weight or to help with the anxiety of eating. They wont be needed when you can no longer 'keep it in' or your digestive system is so ruined that you cant digest solid food.
  The alcohol, pills or overdosing wont seem like such a good idea to numb the pain when you get liver failure or other organ damage.

Somethings your body can fix such as malnutrition,thinning hair, weak bones, muscle loss etc but those all require enough food and energy so that your body can repair itsself. Somethings like damage to the digestive system, Organ damage or failure... those are things which your body wont be able to fix.

Stop focusing so much on the outside and how your body looks, instead focus on the inside and how your body feels.

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