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Friday, November 28, 2014

Tips to run a 5km or 10k

Ill start with the basics:
Running form and basic tips-

My suggestion is to run outdoors... because it is more challenging that on a treadmill but also it can get so boring on a treadmill that after 5 minutes you want to give up. There is no motivation pushing you forward and you just sort of stay on the same speed.
  But also remember, if you want to run races, they will be outdoors. Its so much more motivating to see others running or to feel yourself running past a walker or just to see how far you are coming.... and to notice progress in a few weeks time when you realise that the route you ran 3 weeks ago you now run 3 minutes faster!!!
  But i also find that its easy to set upsmall goals while running outside like... reach that rock and then you can stop, and then i pick a new object and run twards that.
  Though that trick doesnt always work, instead.... my favourite running tip for when you want to give up is: Imagine your friends and family are ahead of you, stnading there cheering you on.... and then i get that extra motivation and keep running, just imagining all my friends and family on the sides cheering :)

But also good music is very motivating!

So there you have the motivational tips for when you are running and the basics.
How to get your self to run? Well ask yourself WHY you want to run.... if you want to improve and get better at running, then the only way is to do it!
  And i suggest mixing it up with HIIT intervals, and steady pace running and if you live near a hill or somewhere, try doing some hill runs/intervals!! All good and will help your running. Doing HIIT on the treadmill can be easier than outside, but either way works :)

While running, dont forget about your breathing and your foot work. You shouldnt slam your foot down ,it shouldnt feel like you're lifting concrete blocks. And dont forget about how you breathe.
  Also know that its ok to stop and walk, just try to keep moving forward. You can find that once you stop, its harder to start running again... so even if you just slow down to a slow jog thats ok, just one foot infront of the other :)
  Running with others can be a motivation as well, but if you run with someone who is alot faster than you, then its just demotivating... according to me!: )

Remember the more you practise, the easier it gets :) And if you dont practise... then youll never get better!

Also know your shoes are THE MOST IMPORTANT. I cant stress this enough. If you dont have the proper shoes you can injure your knees, hips, calves, feet, back.... So before you begin training more seriously with running, then make sure you have proper shoes. They are an investment for the future you and your body :)
  Also having comfortable running clothes - i recommend Dry fit!

And another thing i cant stress enough ENJOY RUNNING.  Some might read this and think... are you kidding me. But if you dont get some sort of enjoyment out of it.. not even afterwards. Then skip running, why are you doing it? Find another sport to do. But running is something amazing and i love it. Even when my legs are heavy and i feel like my lungs are going to explode, i still get this sense of I love running! I never want to stop.

Also... when you run a race, its alot easier (according to me) as you get motivated by all the other people running :)

Here are some other helpful running schedules:

If you have any questions or want any more advice you can just ask :)

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