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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Time masnagement skills

Usually i am good at time management but somehow in the mornings 80 minutes just isnt enough.... ?? Most people only give themselves like 40 minutes and they come to school looking better than me?
  I guess i spend too much time preparing and eating breakfast (though preparing usually never takes more than 5-10 minutes ) but i do like 10 other things while eating so it takes super long time..... -_-' Its fine on the weekends but not so much in the mornings.
  I think i am going to have to set my alarm for 5.50 instead of 6 because i always snooze 10-15 minutes... which takes away from my time in the mornings.

Having time to eat a delicious breakfast is important to me in the mornings, so i do priortize that over hair and make up!!! :)
  Are you the type of person to get ready in 30 minutes or do you need more time in the mornings? :)

Today its school, school, school.... and then more work afterwards. So time to pack lots of snacks as yesterday i forgot to bring snacks and meant going long periods of time without food, which is never good.
   Fail to plan. Plan to fail. Thats how i see it anyway ;);)

Noowww.... time to put on my shoes and go :) Have a lovely day everyone


  1. Hi Izzy! Yeah I know what you mean :) I like havin a lot of time in the morning, I always read the newspaper while eating breakfast. I have been able to save a bit time by putting everything like clothes and pack my bag the night before.
    Lucky I´m a morning person and can just get up anytime ;)
    Have a nice day!


    1. I always pack my bag and put my clothes out the night before. But still, the time just flies by!! Crazy. Im also a morning person which is very helpful when you start school so early :)