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After alot of struggles, lots of ups and downs, suicide attempts, tears, anxiety, panic and never thinking i would be healthy.
I am now declared healthy from anorexia nervosia.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Things which annoy me

Here are some small things/people?(people who do things) which really annoy me:

  • People who take up loads of space on the streets and walk really slowly.... Yup, im a fast walker so i get annoyed when people infront of me walk slowly and i cant get past.
  • People in my school who just stand and block the hallway/sit on the stairs - Its like... 'out of my way - i have a class to get to.'
  • People who think they are better than everyone else.... They annoy me!
  • People who make small bitchy comments about everyone or everything... i think those comments are just unncessary.-... you think her skirt is too short? Well who cares, shes the one wearing it, not you. (of course we all make those types of comments sometimes, but there are some people who feel the need to voice those things ALL the time. -_- Dont they get tired of critiszing and being negative towards everyone and everything??)
  • People who hate on you for your successes....

^^Hahah, it sounds like I'M the bitch now.... maybe i am? But these annoy me... that doesnt mean i hate the person/people :)

Anything you feel you want to get off your chest which other people do that annoy you? :)


  1. sitting in a library or quiet place and trying to study...and the person next to you has the headphones in but their music is on so loud you can still hear it..argh!!! :) and when people look down on you for the way you look. :(
    haha I so agree with you about all of these Izzy!! :) xxxxx

    1. Yeah, or if you are ont he bus or tube and you can hear the persons music beside you!! Thats always irriating :)

  2. The walking thing annoys me too! Also when people are downright rude to you for no reason xxx

    1. Yeah... i always find that strange when people are rude and there seems to be no explanation for it!

  3. People who think I still have an eating disorder because I eat vegetables all the time. I love them...what can I say!! :P

  4. When i am in the bus/theatre etc and someone knocks my seat with its legs, then im about to kill them. But this slow walking and wondering is annoying aswell.

  5. When people comment on my food, like 'Wow thats a lot' or 'Why aren't you eating this food?' That really annoys me! When people tell me what Im wearing looks weird or something like that, its happened a couple of times to me. I just want to say 'Oh really? Well its not you who's wearing this, its me, and how do you expect me to change if my house is two hours away??' When on a test or final the teacher occasionally starts talking to tell us something and I can't concentrate. The teacher repeats the same thing over and over and I have to wait until he/she is done before I can start working again. I know they're just trying to help but if I know what I'm supposed to do its still really annoying. When someone wants me to do something I don't want to do in my free time. And sometimes when I say no they get upset. 'Im sorry for wanting to rest for two days after writing tests every day for the past week.' And the walking thing bugs me too.
    Sorry for all the negativity just had to get it out.

    1. I can totally relate to ALL of these, so dont worry about it :):) This is a safe place here, sometimes its nice to write all these things out because you often cant talk about them to someone without the person getting annoyed at you or telling you that you are complaining.
      But i get it, these are all super irritating ,especially about the tests and the teacher talking!!

  6. preach girl! These things are soooo annoying.Something that annoys the hell out of me is when someone is like "you eat so much I havent eaten since yesterday" I ask "why not?" and they say "I forgot" like wtf how can you forget!
    I agree with you izzy :)

    1. Hhahaha ohhh yeah, THIS! :) I dont understand how people forget to eat or are PROUD of it?Im PROUD to tell people i ate 5 cookies yesterday, hahahah!

  7. People queue jumping when you've been politely waiting for hours!! That has to be up there!

    1. Ohh yes thats annoying! Here in Sweden we have like unwritten laws that you stand in the queue, so if someone jumps in everyone gives that person an evil eye!!