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Friday, November 7, 2014

The health fair

I dont even know where to start or what to write... haha. The hours have just flown by today!!! Had to get up at 6am so that i was at school before 8am (as usual) for my morning lessons and after that i went to the health fair. On my way there i was feeling a little low on energy, thinking i dont want to go there alone. But once i got there i was like, there are so many people here that nobody cares if you are alone or not.
  There was so much to see, so many people, so many things to taste and look at so the first while i just walked around in a daze, looking at everything. But then after that i began stopping and looking at the products and prices. I had put a limit on how much i could spend there and at first i was like... im not going to buy anything here. But then i went to the Lorna Jane monter and i was like...I love their clothes and have always wanted one of their sports bras. But then i got a little carried away and as it was 20% on everything i decided to treat myself and buy 2 sports bras (oh my gosh...They are so comfortable - i am going to try take photos tomorrow to show how they look) & a top!! The top im not sure how well it fits as i take a S but i then bought a M as i didnt want the S to shrink in the wash... so im hoping it fits ok :)

I watched a bit of my mums yoga lesson and i sat and listened to her lecture and i was super proud of her!!! She was nervous but it went great and everyone clapped and people even signed up to her workshop next weekend! So thats good :)

Later on my sister joined us and we walked around a bit more and she took photos while i tried the monkeybars... however apparently there was a challenge and i didnt get that so first i went back and forth and it went great. But then a man working at the monter came up and said that i had to go to the sides as well and do it 'properly' if i wanted to be part of the challenge so with shaking arms i tried again but the bars were so slippery that i had no grip so fell off. And then i tried for a 3rd time but the bars were just too slippery :/

I also tried a bit of everything!!! Hahaha im pretty sure it all piled up to one huge amount - but thats ok :) somethings were more delicious than others :) And somethings i took seconds ;);) (It was free... so yeah :))
   I also saw loads of people i follow and even talk to on IG. So that was super fun as well - seeing them in person :)

And last but not least before we left i bought 2 trunks of celsius - a birthday present to myself and ive been saving up for it! And i even for 16 free cans because there was a mix up when i was going to pay and it took c.a 15 minutes for me to pay so that was kind of nice to get free ones ;) Celsius is much needed when i have such long days in school & essays, tests and also fitting in my workouts, family & friend time and not to mention the walks with the dog i have to take!!

3 and a half hours just flew by and i actually didnt spend my whole budget - but thats ok. More money for buying christmas presents to my family and friends!! :) But now i have bought somethings which i have wanted and a treat to myself!! Ive always had a hard time treating myself and buying things for myself, but it was nice to not have any guilty conscience, but just be happy that i can allow myself to buy nice things for myself :)

Now my legs, body and brain are completely exhausted and ready to just lie in bed for the rest of the evening!!!  Its Friday evening and i deserve a break (and ive asked my step dad to buy me chocolate... not sure what kind he will buy, but thats a surprise ill take!)

I didnt take so many photos from the fair as my battery was low but here are some :)


P.S I also want to apologise SO MUCH that i havent been answering comments. :( I amnt ignoring you, i just havent had time to sit down and reply to comments.


  1. Hi! Great that you had fun :)
    I was just wondering why would you drink celsius, as it activates metabolism and makes you burn more calories? At least that is what is said in the description.

    1. Because i like the drink and it gives me energy ;) I dont believe in those types of things... its like 'negative calorie' foods... i dont believe in them. And believe it or not... everything isnt about calories or burning calories. Drinking a celsius is the same as drinking a coffee, but its much easier to bring a celsius with me :)

    2. Thank you for anwering. I apologize if my question sounded rude :( Wasn´t the meaning, I was just curious. I myself haven´t dared to try. Maybe I read the labels too precisely :)
      Hope you have a great weekend