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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday & roughly 7 weeks left until my next break

My next few weeks in school havent even started yet and i am already counting down the weeks until my next break!!!

How have i spent my day today? Doing pretty much nothing... infact i have spent too much time infront of the computer so my eyes began hurting and i knew i needed a break. But i just havent felt like doing anything else. Ive needed this day to do absolutely nothing. I wanted to bake but we didnt have any ingredients for it... not even for a normal chocolate cake :/
  Otherwise it feels like ive spent my whole day eating.... and drinking tea. But i have had a constant hunger all day. Whether its from boredom or not... im not so sure. I think its a combination of both.

I have mixed feelings about school tomorrow. The 6am wake up call for the rest of the week is pretty much the worst of it... and not to mention all my long days and having to come home when its dark. :/ But i am going to try not think about that now. I mean there is only really a few weeks left of school this year and then its just a few months left until i graduate. So i am pretty sure i can manage that.... 

This evening i have had alot of discussions and planning about our moving with my family. Writing a schedule of what needs to be done and when. So this evening i have spent time putting all these small things and clothes i dont wear (like summer clothes) into boxes. It makes me realise just how little stuff i have. I think all of my clothes fit into one moving box... and the other stuff is mainly school books and notepads and not to mention all the different drinks like Aloe Vera, Vitamin Well, Celsius, Kombucha which i have in my room ^_^ hahah But there really isnt so much 'stuff' which i have. I mean old toys and teddy bears were all given away when we moved to Sweden so i barely have any childhood things.
  Though i guess its good to not be materialistic either. The clothes i have are the clothes i wear all the time and i dont have any unnecessary things just lying around either. Makes the whole packing thing easier :)
But i digress... i have it so easy to get off topic!

This evenings night snack was a bit of everything as i had all these cravings and hunger was on fire. So quark with raspberries and almonds, followed by even more nuts afterwards & casein, an orange and green tea :) Just the thing i needed.

How has everybodies day been?


  1. Sometimes a day spent doing nothing is exactly what you need. Counting down the days until my break-so me. I have three weeks until my Thanksgiving break and I can't wait!!
    I'm pretty much the opposite. I have lots of stuff and find it hard to throw out stuff I don't really need. But I'm getting better at it slowly. Now that I've moved I have much less stuff. Also considering I thought I was just visiting my grandparents, not moving and found out I was moving to another country from my parents through Skype! That meant not being able to come back home from my 'visit' .So didn't have much stuff with me. It feels a bit weird and uncomfortable knowing my stuff is not with me and somewhere with my relatives. But I think this is good or me, to let go of some of the things I don't need.
    My day isn't over yet. First half has been spent laying in bed not doing much, eating food including some Halloween candy and cleaning up my room a bit. In a few hours our family is going to San Francisco with some friends to have a good time. Not sure what we're doing exactly but I don't really care. Just walking around the city is enjoyable :)
    Your food looks delicious as always :)

  2. My family has been getting on me for "eating too much lately" and though I barely eat anything, it is so triggering. As is being told I don't have an ED. Do you have any tips on dealing with this?