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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Striving for perfection

So many people consciously or unconsciously, strive for perfection in either aspects of their life or in everything they do. They want a perfect life, a perfect body, perfect relationships..... perfect everything. But what is perfect? Does perfect even exist? In my eyes it doesnt...... what is perfect is so individual anyway.
  For some people getting a C in a test or getting an E in maths is perfect to them, for others getting an E in a subject would break their heart. Their only goal is an A,
   For some people the perfect date would be walking on the beach followed by a cosy dinner at a restaurant. For others the perfect date would be taking shots at home followed by going out partying until the early morning.... it all depends.
  Just like the perfect body.... a perfect body is basically a functioning body. For some people they might be blind or might be deaf or might only be a certain height or might only have 1 leg... does that make their body any less perfect? Of course not.... dont let society and media tell you that you have to look a certain way to be perfect.

Just like movies - lots of chickflicks and other movies portray the perfect relationship and the perfect life.... there are teenage girls who are cool and popular and their is some obstacle in the way of that girl getting the perfect guy but they end up together at the end. Or there is the nerdy girl who in the end, ends up with a perfect life and is super cool and has that perfect guy. And lets not mention that the actors and actresses are very stereotypical.....

What about all the thousands of teenagers who dont fit into that stereotype or have that movie perfect life.... which practically nobody has. They are made to feel bad about themselves, like something is wrong wtih them when the problem is actually the movies, society and media.
  The first time you have sex, or the first time you go on a date or your first kiss or your first year in high is not like in the movies. Your body doesnt always look a certain way like the people in magazines. You have bad hair days, you have bad skin days, you bloat, you have days you just cry and you have days where you are just filled with happiness. That is part of being human and livinf your life.

Stop trying to strive after this Hollywood perfect. People drive themselves crazy or sick... all in the goal of being perfect. But that doesnt exist,no matter how hard you try... you will never reach it. Instead, learning to love your life and love yourself. Just doing YOUR BEST.

  DO what makes YOU happy and healthy. Love the life you live and that is perfect. Not by changing who you are, what you love or how you look.

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  1. Awesome post, you always kill it girl. I'll never be grateful enough for finding your blog, take care. -C.