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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Smoothie week

In collaboration with Williams-Sonoma  and their electric smoothie makers which you can find HERE. I decided to write about my favourite smoothies and share with you some recipes for smoothie week next week!

Lets admit it... smoothies are delicious! There are so many different combinations and ingredients you can use and make. You dont even need to follow a recipe - though from experience i can tell you that following a recipe is a good idea. :)
I have quite a few stories about smoothies to tell, such as all the "green" (though they turned more dark brown or brown) smoothies my mum has made over the years. She makes smoothies and adds abit of everything into them... bananas, brocolliee, kale, garlic, honey, spirulina, beetroot powder etc etc and it just turns into one big mess... but she drinks them and enjoys them. But i have tried her smoothies at times - feeling brave - and i can tell you, they taste nothing like the sweet strawberry and vanilla smoothies i like to make :)
   Over the years i have also managed to burn a smoothie maker and break a few onse (trying to blend salmon in the smoothie maker to make salmon burgers... Dont try this... it overheats the blender adn stops working ;);)). And ive overused our handmixer so much that the circuit cut out and became overheated. hahaha

During summer i told myself i would begin drinking green smoothies....

But i never got around to actually making one....  Though its never too late i guess.

If i would make a green smoothie then i would make one from the folloing ingredients:

Coconut milk, spinach, pear, mango, coconut oil, honey, goji berries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and some dark chocolate chips!!  And maybe some spirulina to actually make it green :)
Whether this combination would be good or not i dont know... but i almost feel i have to try!!!

Otherwise a delicious smoothie recipe is:
Vanilla yoghurt, raspberries, strawberries & honey (and some chocolate powder if you like!) Absaloutly delicious :)

As its smoothie week next week? I think... (haha, unsure!) what is YOUR favourite smoothie recipe? :) Have you ever tried  a green smoothie? Can you reccommend any good recipes :)


  1. Mums! Älskar banan med mjölk eller vaniljglass, åt det alltid som liten, men nu tycker jag smoothies är för lätta, typ som vatten och tar tid att göra haha, men ifall jag fick det bjudet hade jag gärna tagit en peanutbutter,kvarg,nötter,alla bär i världen, goda frukter-smoothie ;D

  2. Hi Izzy!
    Here is a page I found a while ago :) Tell me if you get inspired ;)


  3. Banana, peanut butter or almond butter, soy milk, oat flour, strawberries, handful of spinach.... Blend and enjoy!!

  4. Apple, zucchini, ginger, kale and mint

  5. When I was visiting my friend her dad would make a green smoothie for everyone each morning. I'm not exactly sure what he put into it but the main ingredients were kale, banana, apple, berries, carrots and maybe something else. But it turned out really good!!