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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sharing victories - readers story

It makes me SO HAPPY that people are emailing me with their stories and victories and the things they have overcome :) I am hoping it motivates others as well, but it sure makes me happy and i like sharing your stories :) You SHOULD be made to feel proud of what you have overcome, even if you arent at the finishline yet, you can still be praised for all your hard work!! :)

Here comes another readers story/advice :)

Hey Izzy!
I have emailed you previously with question and stuff but today id like to share some success.I have had a job at a restaurant for 1 month now.It is what really gave me the motivation to gain as it is a very physically demading job as the restaurant gets sooooo busy and I am literally on my feet all the time running around.when I first started working there I realised how tired and low on energy I was the next day.My heart felt weak.I want to keep my job though so I gained 3kg in about 3 weeks eating 3000+ I think (I dont count so its estimates)Now I have more energy I no longer feel weak.I am now 7kg above my lowest weight!I think back to how I was in jannuary/february and it scares me I was so grey and dead.I had no personality.Now im making others laugh again and im more lively and Crazy I think.

I also dont want to ever go back to being a sick tired girl!In the summer  holidays I lost 3kg bringing(after gaining 5 from my lowest) me to a bmi of about X I was not at my lowest weight but I could already feel myself becomming more tired and weak.I am now determined to gain properly this time.I wasted the summer exercising when noone was watching not enjoying holidays ,stressing others out e.t.c it not fair to family.I would also like to run in a competition in march its 10k.I dont train running but I walk/jog with my dog often.In july I ran 10km in 45 minutes!I was quite pleased since I only go running like 2 times a year.I have cut down on walking though as I was doing way too much.e.g when I finished my gcses I had so much free time I walked 20km sometimes.sometimes because I wanted to but a lot of the time because I felt I had to to burn calories and to not be lazy.

Life is so much better!I feel im finnaly living now!Id like to tell you not to stress over work and look after yourself.I worried so much over my gcses and perfect results to the point where nothing mattered.Its not worth it

.Now im doing biology,chemistry,maths and geography.Id like to do medicine or something but you need like all a/a* and its very very hard to get in.If I dont get in I will just do something else there are so many option and Im 16 so I may change my ming.I really want to get healthy before unniversity so my mum does not have to worry about me when I am away and also so I can travel make friends and do crazy things.

I will also stop comparing myself to others.who cares if someone has a salad for lunch or tells me they skipped dinner.thats not what im going to do!why miss out :)

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  1. Im som happy for you! I too love hearing when people are making progress and are starting to live life again! Great job!