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I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia & purging tendencies & over exercising. I was depressed and self harmed. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
After alot of struggles, lots of ups and downs, suicide attempts, tears, anxiety, panic and never thinking i would be healthy.
I am now declared healthy from anorexia nervosia.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

School day & workout

This morning i woke up on the complete wrong side of bed. Was grumpy, angry, tired... wasnt feeling hungry and just wasnt in the mood for school at all. Wasnt in the mood for anything.... infact i just wanted to pull the cover over my head and disappear completely. And i had only been awake for about a minute!! haha XD
   But i got to school only to find out that our first lesson was cancelled :/ So instead i sat and worked on my projects and then ended up on some running sites and wanted to register myself to about 10 races including the Stockholm half marathon!! hahaha I havent even run the run this Saturday and im already looking to sign up for more runs :)
   BTW, i am going to write more about the run tomorrow hopefully, for those of you who are interested!

After my morning lessons when i had my long break i headed to the gym where i decided to do this challenge which i had seen on IG. I dont usually write my workouts on here as it is triggering, but i just have to say... this workout was amazing as well as brutal. It was called the 1000 reps challenge. i.e you pick 10 exercises and do 100 reps of each exercise in as few sets as possible... yup, sounds daunting right?  and to make it even worse for myself i decided on 5 exercises which i would do 200 set of!!1 My legs were absaloutly burning and shaking afterwards and the realisation that i had to take c.a 100 steps up to my school and locker made me want to get on a bus and go home, just so i could spend the rest of the afternoon in bed! hahaha XD

Anyway, my next 2 lessons and my last lesson french.... When im tired, french is just a foreign language to me. I cant make sense of anything. The words get mixed up in my head. And not to mention that  in my head i begin with translating french to english to swedish... so it takes forever to make up a sentenace as it is so much thinking and translation. And when im tired it just gets jumbled up :( If anyone has any french tips or help on how to learn french - as i have an oral exam in 2 weeks, it would be much appreciated :) Feel free to email me!! haha <3 p="">
Home again and it was time for a snack... and only c.a 50 minutes later i ate dinner as i was so hungry! These next few days its rations that count for me..... -_- The problems of moving house - everything costs so much, so its a pretty tight budget these next few months. But its just to get creative... alot of falafels, home made chickpea pies, frozen vegetables and resorting to casein and protein powder! Its what you make of the situation which deems whether its good or bad, hahah! :)

Now however its back to emails, writing and typing and thinking. -_- Can this school week just be over?


  1. There are some good podcasts on iTunes :)

    1. I dont have itunes, but i might Google around and find some good podcasts. Thank you :)

  2. which school are you going to again? Is it a good school?

    1. I dont want to mention the name of my school online, but yeah its a good school. But very tough... :/

  3. I never took French but I took Spanish for many years. I find that talking in it outside of class really helps. My friend and I would text/talk in Spanish when we saw each other. We would also write notes to each other in in! Maybe find some of your friends who are having trouble or just who want to get better. If worse comes to worse and you need more practice just eliminate using all other languages and only read, write and speak French (except in your other classes :p)! Ok that might be a little extreme but I saw someone on tv do it for a week or two because they needed to do well on their exam and it worked! :p It was also a real person too and not just a series!!

    Hope this helps!

    1. Might be hard to do as its just me in my class who is taking french this year... but im sure one of them might be willing to help me as they took french last year, But talking/reading/listening to more french i think will help :) So thank you for the tip!

  4. SONGS ! French music I mean. When I was learning English this helped me a lot. Plus it's easier to remember sentences/structures when they come with a melody. And I find it more fun than studying political speeches for instance. And I'm a native French speaker so I know loads of french songs of all kind if it could help :) -C.

    1. Great idea, thank you!! :) If you have any good songs in french then maybe you can email me @

  5. "pull the cover over my head and disappear completely"...this is me EVERY morning (+ I do not put the heater in my room, I like to sleep when is it fresh and jumping from under the warm comfortable duvet into the cold room... see !)

    I am French, so if your need not hesitate !!!!

    1. That sounds hard especially when the room is cold. Thank you!! :) Well if you have any advice or tips for french maybe you can email me: @ :)