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Friday, November 14, 2014

Running in the rain

As i mentioned yesterday i felt that today i wanted to use my morning to get some studies and work done, but also catch up on some sleep. So i got abuot 8 hours sleep before waking up and then deciding to take a morning walk.
  Though Daisy had so much energy and just wanted to run so i was like ok, ill run 500m so she can use her little energetic spurt and then walk... but i just kept running (until i had to stop because i couldnt breath.... and then kept running again!). And even Daisy ran the whole way, apart from her pee pauses!!! It felt really good to run, even if it started raining half way through the run (i.e its a trail i run) . But that didnt bother me at all i just kept going!! I havent run long distance (if you want to count 9,5km as long distance?) since August.... i havent felt motivated to it, but now when ive run today i want to get back into it. I dont have time for 10k's but try to run 5km 1-2 times a week anyway!! Preferably outside :)

Ive just eaten breakfast now (usually i eat before i run but i hadnt planned to run) and am about to go sit and study for the next 2 hours before i have to go to school - and have my civics test ;/

^^My room is a mess... I am aware of that ;);) hahahah


  1. Daisy may have not been that impressed by your outfit but I think you look sassy today! I'd also like to bring up the insane lure of that breakfast - all you need for appetite is choco brown. :)

    1. Hhaha yes, exactly :) All i need is chocolate and its delicious :)

  2. What did you make for breakfast? Recipe? It looks delicious

    1. Its quark, cottage cheese, cacao powdder & nuts :)