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Monday, November 24, 2014

Running in cold weather

I know some of my readers do enjoy running  so i thought this might be helpful :) But remember, if its a snow storm or you are feeling totally unmotivated etc, then its ok to rest!!  (as well as any other time :) )

Running in cold weather and not get sick: Cold weather could be a nice thing, but it could also mean aches, spasms and fevers that we could do without. We all know to layer & dress warmer, that’s common sense (at least for the majority of us), but is there anything else you should consider? Absolutely. These tips will help you a lot.
  • WARM UP INDOORS. This is an important part of training in general, and it becomes crucial in cold weather conditions. Warming up indoors instead of taking your entire training session outdoors will help you benefit more from the warm-up process and will help your body function better. If you’ve ever walked out of the gym on to the cold street after a great workout, you’ve surely felt how the cold is not noticeable at first. While you feel the cold air you don’t feel cold because your body is working full speed already.
  • DRESS RIGHT. Keeping all parts of your body always covered and warm would do you lots of good. Consider the Second Law of Thermodynamics which is also known as the Law of Increased Entropy. Your body will naturally “send” the heat reinforcement to whatever part of body is getting cold thus unnecessarily spending extra effort on maintaining the average temperature, so your body’s arsenal of energy will be depleted while simply trying to maintain. And during prolonged exposure to cold, the unrecoverable loss of energy will proceed rapidly. Wear layers of thin and light clothing and tuck your sweatshirts into your sweatpants to prevent the loss of heat. You might be in danger of looking unstylish but not in danger of getting sick. Windbreakers are perfect for running, they are light, protect you from the cold wind and help retain heat without weighing you down. 
  • LOWER THE INTENSITY OF YOUR RUNNING/TRAINING.  A human body has a rather narrow range of optimal body temperature and will work harder to maintain the needed equilibrium in cold weather. You will help yourself maintain that balance by lessening your training load a bit during colder months.
  • COOL DOWN. Warm up and cool down are as important as the training session itself. And with cold weather to consider – the stakes double. Don’t skip it, do the cool down part.
  • SHOWER IMMEDIATELY. Sounds so insignificant, superficial and more related to hygiene, but is extremely important to do when training in cold conditions. All your sweaty stuff that is initially warm due to body heat will quickly turn into coolers and heat absorbents thus doubling the natural effect of cooling produced by our sweat. 
  • DRESS WARM AFTER TRAINING. Yes you’ve just worked out and yes your body’s temperature is at a nice level and you feel great. But dressing light would be a big mistake. Put on something that would keep you warm.
  • DRINK WARM LIQUIDS. Of course, feel free to have a glass of ice cold drink after running or training. But… it is not a good idea even when it’s warm outside or even if you didn’t just work up some sweat. We’ll cover this topic in our forthcoming articles!

SOURCE: mrsjonie 

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