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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Recovery successes

Something which i love is hearing and seeing peoples progress in recovery or even in weightloss (i.e if someone needs to lose the weight).
  I love hearing when someone overcome a fear food, i love hearing that someone ate chocolate for the first time in weeks/months/years, or they ate pizza and they loved it. Or i love hearing that someone rested from exercise and DIDNT compensate. Didnt do 3 hours exercise the next day. I like seeing pictures of someone eating a food they love and thoroughly enjoying it, but i also love seeing someone exercising and smiling - showing true happiness.

Hearing that people are taking step forwards, no matter what their goal is makes me happy. But when the goal is bringing them closer to true happiness it makes me even more happy. Seeing people happy, seeing people do things they love or talking about the things they love. That makes me happy... and i think that is one of the positives of my blog that i get to hear lots of successes and help people. Though of course 80% of what i hear is just people  struggling, which is upsetting, but i also know i can help.

But i just want to remind everyone to not be scared to comment or email me with your Sucesses!!! Think you can inspire others... if you ate that cookie for your snack, why not tell others and help inspire others? If there is something which you did for the first time or have been struggling with and you feel proud of yourself then let me know. Because trust me i know how it feels when you do something which seems so normal to others but you havent done for weeks/months/years and you just want to share it, but you  cant 'cus no one would understand.

I want my blog to be a positive one - as much as possible and to encourage recovery and inspire and motivate! And otherss progress is very motivating to others - ican imagine!!!

It also makes me SUPER happy to hear all the great and positive things you do in your recovery and towards health. Remember that its the small steps that count!!!

^^I didnt look so happy eating in those photos... haha.. 

If you havent noticed... food makes ME happy... and it can make you happy as well :)


  1. :) This is so lovely!! This post really made me smile today Izzy :)
    It got me thinking about what I have achieved so far when I started to fight my ED..and then I realised that in fact, I have actually achieved so much, and faced many of my fear foods already. I know what I need to do now is conquer my fears of feeling fat, eating more than i used to, and gaining weight.
    Today I got a gorgeous Insomnia big hot chocolate with my friend in town. I remmeber when I had my ED...if I ever bought anything like that in a coffee shop, I would restrict for the rest of the day. :( No lunch, no snacks...sometimes not even dinner. :(
    But not anymore...I had a lovely lunch on the bus home and when I got in..ANOTHER hot choc and homemade biscuits!! :) I felt so proud!:)
    I really agreee with you Izzy, small things are so important...we should always celebrate and be proud of our little achievements <3
    Can I email you my list of achievements so far Izzy?:) I would love to share them with your readers!
    The pictures are so lovely too - you really do look as if you are enjoying life and food Izzy, and that is so wonderful to see. :) xxx

    1. I am super proud of you!!!! That is great, and you should be proud of yourself and your achievement today as well!! You showed that you are strong enough to buy and eat something out, you've done it once so now you can do it again :)

      And of course you can, that would be great!!

    2. :) awww thanks Izzy, I feel good about myself now <3 :)
      Eating out is most definitely something I want to work on Izzy. I always used to get scared and apprehensive when going out for a meal with my family... I would worry, of course, that I was going to be given a huge restaurant sized portion of something...and then be expected to eat it all. So many family meals out in the past, I feel, were ruined because of me :( so I really want to work on this and be able to eat out and enjoy doing so.
      :) I will forward it to you then Izzy <3 :) lots of love xxxx

  2. hi izzy, since reading your blog i have learnt to love breakfast. i also have snacks in between so theres morning teaa and afternoon tea. but recently, im on holidays and i wake up at like that is usually my mid Morning snack time...but i have breakfast (a large filing one) which means im not hungry at all till late after noon for lunch... then dinner only 3 hours later. this means im skipoing snacks…so should i eat a smaller breakfast si i shift everyth8ng back to eat the snacks? the less wake time means im pretty full inbetwee~ the ahort time between meaals...advice?

    1. Its fine to sleep in if thats what you feel you want/need but you still need to eat. Eating snacks is important so maybe you can eat ones which arent so filling... im not sure if you are on a warm or cold holiday... but if you're on holiday somewhere where it is warm buy snacks like smoothies, ice cream, fruit bowls etc and maybe eat a dessert after lunch which should be your morning snack and then eat a dessert after dinner which would be your evening snack.
      Its important to still get the energy you need, so either you wake up at your usual time or you try to eat more calorie dense food :)

  3. Hi izzy. So recently ive found myself compensating. Im going home from school for a day this weekend and I know I will eat "bad" ie at a restaurant and probably dessert. Ive been eating a certain amount of calories(although not as many as I should be) and ive notice that gradually I feel like I shouldn't reach the number and that its more of a limit as opposed to a number that I should be going over. I thought that I conquered most of the im scared to eat bad thoughts but now I notice that their more frequent and im compensating more(eating a fruit instead of a granola bar or something). I feel like ive gone backwards. I know you always talk about how if your scared of something you should eat it. Should I do this or...?

    Thanks, Hannah:)

    1. Ive answered your question in a post coming up today :)

  4. Izzy-hope your day goes better! You are so amazing with all the school work you do, the blog, emails, gym, cooking. You are wise beyond your years!!!

  5. I got period!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeee!
    From Anna in Australia

    1. I am so happy for you!!! That is really good :))

  6. Sent you a success email! :)