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Monday, November 10, 2014

Quality evening time & some body talk

This evening i have spent some time with my sister again... we seem to be spending alot of time together recently, haah! Though i dont have a problem with that - it can be nice to get a break from yourself and just doing things on your own.
  After dinner my sister and I took the dog for a walk and just walked and talked. Then when we came back we continued our talking but our conversation turned from school and stress to body image and exercising. How my sister who has a perfectly healthy weight and body size can feel compelled to change her body because of what society tells her. Society that tells people that you need to be a certain size and look a certain way to be deemed 'perfect'. I heear this type of thing everyday, that people dont like their bodies, they want to change them etc etc but hearing it from my sister was almost a little shocking. Because i have always seen her body as a healthy one, an inspiring body and a gorgeous one. She was infact my motivation to recover and to look like her... in someway anyway. Our bodies are quite different though in structure. But to hear her say that she wished she had a flatter stomach or smaller legs etc it was weird and shocked me. But atleast she had me to convince her that she is perfect and gorgeous just the way she is and that she doesnt need to havea  flatter stomach or smaller legs. That that is what society tells us that we need but its not the truth and it wont make you happier either.
   To be strong enough to look in the mirror and say you love yourself and to see your positives and be happy in your body, that is not something that alot of people are able to do. So many people just focus on the negatives and the things they dont like and the things they want to change. But never really appreciating their body for how it looks. In the end you can change your body as much as you like but if you dont find happines and peace in your mind and thoughts you wont ever feel happy because you wont ever feel you are good enough. You will jsut compare yourself to others.

After lots of talking and explaining and convincing and sharing my thoughts i am now in my own room and writing out my thoughts once again and also about to enjoy my delicious evening snack (already begun eating the chocolate!)

Time for resting and relaxing as i really havent done any of that all day - i said i would before but other things got in the way :( So now i have an hour to just eat, relax and rest before i go to bed!!


  1. you are such a wonderful person and your sister must be so happy that now you can reassure her about her body and personality!! :) after the hard times she had to go through seeing you suffer, she must be so proud that you are recovered and able to give the best advice!! :)

  2. :) Sisterly chats are so nice!! <3
    For me I sort of want to become like my mom and my sister..they have lovely, curvy figures (which they both always complain about like most people of course! :( ) but to me they are just beautiful and perfect. I would hate to see them change in any way.
    You are so pretty Izzy. the pics are gorgeous! xxx