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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oreo chocolate and film time!!!

Just because i am a pure choc-a-holic and i couldnt resist i bought even more chocolate - Milka oreo and also some other chocolate which i enjoyed as dessert after dinner infront of a movie with my sister!!

Its 8pm and the house is officially cleaned, packed and tidied.... so empty, cold and lonely. No longer feels 'homely', but the thought of the new apartment tomorrow sort of scares me as well. I dont think i will be getting much sleep tonight :/
  I dont feel mentally or physically ready for school tomorrow. This weekend has not been a rest weekend at all and i havent got any studying done either :( But i have had a lovely day today, so im not going to complain. Instead, im going to live in the moment. Sit and stare at the boxes and be thankful for the 2+ years i have lived in this apartment. :) But now its time for a bigger apartment, more space, new adventures etc :)

This evening we all bought dinner out as there is no food in the house... we all went to different places. My sister got sushi, i got a salad (with my favourite combination) and my parents got veggie burgers, hahaha!! XD
    When we came back feeling exhausted and tired from the hours of work we had done at home my sister and I lay in my bed and watched the film All Good things. Its a thriller which i love... my sister just watched it for Ryan Gosling ;);)
I also managed to eat all the sweets as well as c.a 150+gram of the Milka oreo - It tastes AMAZING. The best oreo chocolate i have tasted - and i have tried quite a few :) Diet starts tomorrow or something Hahah no joke! I dont compensate or feel guilty ;) Chocolate is just an enjoyable part of life... like running or salad or watching fikms. All things i love :)

 Anyway, if you see this chocolate, BUY it..... also, if anyone from Switzerland (I think thats where Milka is from? :)) feels they want to send me some Milka chocolate, let me know :) I can always send you some Marabou or other swedish food :) hahaha (Yup, Milka is my favourite chocolate brand!)

^^Like a child on a christmas :) hahah

I want to thank you all again for the lovely birthday wishes, means so much to me!!


  1. haha, ååh så kule godterposer dere har! :-D

  2. my mam bought me that chocolate just the other day as a little treat to cheer me up! <3 oreo and milka - it truly is a match made in heaven ;) I completely agree Izzy - life would just not be the same without chocolate ;) do you have Cadbury in sweden Izzy? xxx

    1. It is soo good :)
      Only in the english shop... but otherwise i dont think i have seen Cadburys :)

  3. I would love to send you chocolate! ( I'm not from Switzerland but in Italy we have most of the milka flavours) how can I do?

    1. If you email me then we can talk there... as i usually want to know who the person is before i give them my address :)

  4. Milka is from Germany actually i live near the company where it is produced (there are several different locations) and it often smells like hot chocolate in the streets haha....

    1. I thought it was either from Germany or Switzerland and when i Googled it said Switxerland... haha :)

  5. I live in Germany and we have maaany Milka flavours, I guess from the previous comments that it is from Germany, haha, didn't know for sure. :D
    I would LOVE to send you some and receive Marabou chocolate or other treats from Sweden as I've never been to Sweden, but have heard about Marabou chocolate. ;) Maybe we could make a Little 'Christmas Sweets exchange'? :D Of you would like to, you might send me an E-Mail: :D Haha, that's germand btw. :D

    1. That sounds like a great idea :) If i dont email you within a few days then you can email me and we can talk there!!

  6. Hey Izzy its Dawn , I am in Germany and we have so many cool Milka bars I would be happy to send you some :)