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Friday, November 7, 2014

My future

Hi Izzy,
I was thinking the other day about your interest in nutrition and how you would like to pursue this when you finish school and was wondering what aspect of nutrition you see yourself focusing on? You have such a good insight into so many areas now! Would you like to work with people with eating disorders or maybe more sports nutrition or perhaps nutrition for people with CF? Or something entirely different? :)

Ive sometimes wondered about this myself... though thats just a good thing. I dont think you can make huge life decisions in a snap moment. They need to be thought about... for me anyway.

Whenever i tell someone that i want to be a health coach (and they know i have CF) they automtically presume i want to be a dietician for someone with CF. But thats not really what i want to do...  I dont have the worst case of CF so for me... its never been that hard. Or it was when i was younger, but now not so much.... this of course is due to my knowledge of exercise, nutrition and how to take care of myself. I know how to eat for my body, i know that i need alot of healthy fats and so i eat that. I also know that i do need to do cardio for my lungs - as i love cardio, i dont have a problem with that. I also know i have to eat large amounts - so that has all helped me with my CF. So im sure if i were to share my knowledge and work with others who had CF and taught them that with the right diet and exercise they can get their CF under control.But for some, its not that simple. There is so much more to it than just eating a certain way and exercising.

What i am more passionate about however is helping someone who suffers from an eating disorder gain weight or helping those who want to lose weight. I want to sort of do the whole pacakge, help them mentally somehow... by teaching them how to change their thoughts and think better. As well as h elping them with their diet and if needed exercise routine as well.
   Though sometimes i think to myself, is working with people with eating disorders really what i want to do? Because the truth is, sometimes the most irritating thing is when someone asks for help or advice and then doesnt follow it or just continues doing the same old thing and complaining.

^^This is actually one of my favourite quotes because it is so true. So many people keep doing the same thing and expecting things to change.. but it doesnt work like that. So i want to be the change in peoples lives... the person who steps in and helps them. Makes them realise that 1) trying to look or be like someone else wont work. 2) just because a certain diet and exercise routine has helped for someone else doesnt mean it will work for you and 3) starvation is NOT the answer.

As i do like travelling and i like helping people i feel that in the future i do want to travel and have lectures or help people personally as well. Not just be an online help. Though i hate presenting, so the fact that i even want to stand infront of a whole group of people and talk is weird. But when its something i am passionate about and know alot about it doesnt seem so scary.

I have to start somewhere but i guess i somehow might run my own business as well.... At times my future can give me anxiety because i am like. Am i really going to spend the rest of my life just helping others? Seeing others change? Wont i get irritated working with people with eating disorders for the rest of my life? Because lets admit it... when you're sick you do a hell of alot of irritating things. And i understand, i did it too. Once at Mando when eating lunch there was more food on the floor than in my stomach. And when i was eating at home i would do all these stupid things and it would irritate my sister so much. But i couldnt understand it, because for me it was a way of dealing with anxiety. But seeing those types of things or hearing about those things at times can seem so frustrating because when you are healthy you realise that you dont have to drop a whole plate of pasta on the ground or spill your milk to avoid eating it. 
   But then again i do love helping people and knowing i make a difference and can help.

But i want to begin with studying biology and the human body and exercise anyway and from there on... im not sure where i will go. Whether my path has changed and i want to do something else or i am more interested in a certain aspect of health and fitness, i dont really know!!!

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  1. Wow, thanks for answering in so much detail Izzy! I think whatever you end up doing you'll be an inspiration - your blog has been SO fantastic in helping me recover (and continue to recover) from anorexia. You are certainly an inspiration to me - both in terms of nutrition and exercise. I wish you lots of luck with whatever career you end up pursuing. :)