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Friday, November 7, 2014

Microwave bread recipe/ingredients

I promised to post the ingredients of the microwave bread i make. I dont weigh the ingredients and its a different amount each time.
  I have to tell you that the microwave bread is NOT a substitue for normal bread if that is on your meal plan. This bread is NOT the same as store bought bread and yes - the energy content is not that high. Hence why i usually always top my bread with eggs/chicken and cottage cheese/butter etc to make sure that im getting enough energy.

The ingredients i use is:
Potatoe fiber
Psyllium husk
1 egg & more egg whites
baking powder
& oatmeal flour if i want it.

I mix that all together - and it sort of swells up. And because of the psyllium husk it stays together and it becomes almost a little foamy - if its too clumpy i add more milk or water.

And then i take a bit form it into a flat bread and into the microwave for around 3 minutes on 600 watt.
  And i can usually make 10 pieces of bread in one 'set'.

Here is another recipe similar which i found - once again (remember to eat MORE than just this.)

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this out Izzy, much appreciated :)