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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to like your body

Giving advice about just this topic is actually quite hard, because how you find peace with your body and how you learn to love yourself and your body is so individual. The same thing doesnt work for everybody, unfortunatly. But also.... some people just arent willing to change their thoughts to more self loving ones. They know that when they look in the mirror and think negative thoughts they should change those thoughts to positive ones  but still, they dont.... of course its easier said than done. But if you want a change, if you want to love your body and be happy in your body, then you have to change what you are doing/thinking now, right?

On my blog it may seem like i am super confident in my body, like i have no problem running in shorts and a sports bra or having 101 pictures of me  in a bikini on my blog for thousands to see, but i do have my insecurities just like everyone else. I am afterall still a human being. We cant be 100% happy with everything 100% of the time. But its about acceptance.

On the days that i feel bad or dont like my body image -  then i wear clothes that make me feel comfortable. I might skip the tight tank top and instead have a big cosy jumper which i can wrap around me, or wear a bigger top that just sort of hangs on me.

I also avoid mirrors  and avoid thinking about my body. Because really what will it help.... we all know how it is to try to look down at our feet and all we see is a bloated belly instead. We have all been there and no ,its not the best feeling not for a guy or a girl. But everyone bloats and pretty much everyone experiences bloating. Instead of panicking about it, wear something cosy... and if you have to wear something nice because maybe you are going out or going to a party or something. Well then Fake it till you make it!! Put on that dress/outfit and smile. Let go of your negative thoughts.

Change your negative thoughts to positive ones. This can be hard for most people, they are so used to hearing and thinking the negative thoughts that they are on repeat in their head. But you need to break that habit.... you think your belly looks big or because you have rolls... Ask yourself WHY that matters? Why is that something that shoul make you upset?  That is how the body looks, the rolls on your belly happen to everyone, even if someone is super skinny.... its impossible to sit or hunch over without the middle section having to 'roll' and 'scrunch together'.... if it didnt, well then you couldnt physically bend/hunch over because your middle section would be like carboard??
You feel panicked about cellulite?Something jiggles? Something is bigger than you want it to be? Once again - why does that matter?  You are SO MUCH MORE THAN YOUR BODY. You need to look at those things which you dont like and ask yourself why you dislike them so much? Why are you letting your arms/legs/stomach etc ruin your day`? Making you hate yourself so much?
   Why not let go of the negative thoughts and think... i am so much more than whatever it is you dont like. There is more to life than the way you body looks, whether you have a thigh gap or a flat stomach. In the end, those things dont really matter. Its only YOU who cares about it.

And onto something i have been thinking about recently, everyone seems to want to have a flat stomach or visible abs but like really.... THEY ARE UNDER CLOTHES ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME, unless its summer but even then its not like you always wear a bikini top. Of course some people live in really warm countries, but still.... you can STILL wear a bikini or crop top or whatever no matter what your stomach looks like. You can STILL wear shorts and dresses and short armed clothes. WHO CARES what anybody else thinks. You need to focus on loving yourself, on being happy and confident in your own body.

Its not an easy thing to do. But focus on your positives on the things you DO like about yourself. Write notes and on pieces of paper the things you do like about yourself. And if you feel you dont like anything about yourself, that everything is wrong then FIND something you like about yourself. Just dont think negative about yourself all the time.

You wont ever feel happy or confident in your body or love your body if all you think is I hate myself. Im fat. Im horrible. I need to lose weight.
 How could you ever learn to love your body if those thoughts are on repeat in your head?


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