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Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to cope on a special occasion - anorexia/restrictive eating

If you are someone who celebrates Thanksgiving - or any special occasion each year, then you know how your tradition is and you might know what type of food you are going to eat. Whos coming, when you are eating etc etc

Usually when its a special occasion the times you eat are different and the same with the portions, but you dont need to panic. The most important thing is to try to eat as normal as possible... say you eat a big dinner at 5pm and that messes up your dinner as well as afternoon snack time... then try to eat dessert after dinner and eat a normal sized dinner portion, DONT restrict or eat less just because you think you will eat more or because its different food. Instead, enjoy the food.... FACE YOUR FEAR FOODS.

    I wouldnt reccommend being in the kitchen or helping with the food, because it can give you anxiety if you see that foods such as oils/butters etc are used.. But know that those are just normal foods, and its ok to eat.
 But if you know what is being served, then you can prepare yourself. But CHALLENGE yourself. Now is the perfect time. Eat your fear foods.... 
  AFTER you have eaten, spend time with family/friends, or whoever you are with. You dont want ot be alone. DONT compensate. You DONT need to purge/exercise. And you DONT need to eat less.
Follow your meal plan. Eat your meals, and dont be scared to eat extra, because that wont harm you.

 If you have a meal plan try to follow it as normally as possible or if you feel like it... Go for it, listen to your body and eat at different times and different portions! Face your fears and what scares you :)

   And dont feel guilty for eating more. Its ok, you shouldnt feel guilty for it. And you DONT and SHOULDNT compensate the next day. Food is fuel and your body needs it. Its important to understand that.

The day should be enjoyed, whether you are with family or friends. Also, listen to your body... are you tempted to eat something - a fear food. But the voice in your head is saying No? Then EAT that food!!! Face that fear food. The anxiety wont kill you. It will just make you stronger!!!
Life is about living, and social gatherings and events such as birthdays/chirstmas/thanksgiving/easter do revolve around food - most times. And thats ok. Just keep calm.
   If you feel you are getting too much anxiety/panic then go to another room. Sit down, take deep breaths and think rationally. You WONT gain weight by eating some potatoes. You WONT gain weight by eating chocolate. You WONT gain weight by eating more than usual. You WONT gain wieght by not exercising.
  You need to face all those fears, step outside of your comfort zone to recover.

Having someone you can talk to or having a coping mantra/motto can be very helpful. Calm yourself down before/during and after.. know that you will be ok. Ask yourself WHY the food scares you and what is so wrong with the food? What is the worst thing that could happen by eating the food?
Calm yourself down and keep yourself from panicing, and dont feel guilty. You will wake up tomorrow and you wont have gained weight and your body wont have changed shape. Everything will be ok.
  But take this chance to really fight your eating disorder and dont restrict or compensate. Try not to panic or fear... instead distract yourself, eat with the people around you and look at how others behave. Try to act normal and think of how a life could be when you can just be free and enjoy a special occasion without worrying about the food or not working out etc etc

You will be ok I promise!!!

I believe in all of you!!! Fight the voice in your head. 


  1. Hi Izzy:)

    For the past few days I have been celebrating Thanksgiving with my friends and family. In other words, I have eaten a lot of food, especially dessert. But you know what I realized today?!? That I haven't really gotten any anxiety!! And what little anxiety ive gotten, im pretty sure my mind has made up because it doesn't know what to do!!

    When I was deep into anorexia, today would have been the perfect day. Having a late lunch/dinner meant that I wouldn't be questioned if I didn't eat during the day. I also wouldn't have had to finish my meal as I would be too "stuffed", and the same would go for eating later on. However, today I ate when I was hungry. I had breakfast, a snack, a big lunch, another snack and then dessert! (I didn't have dinner but that wasn't by choice, just due to how things happened) I even ate something during lunch that I never eat, stuffing. Every year my dad puts it on my plate but I never eat it. But this year I did! I was hungry and it tasted alright. Later on I went to my aunts house for dessert. When I got home I was still hungry. Even though Ive eaten a lot of dessert over the past few days, instead of a fruit I decided to have a chocolate frosted custard donut! It was delicious!

    Its days like these that make recovery worth it. Spending time with friends and family, and eating yummy food without worry and anxiety. Sure im not fully recovered and am kind of stuck at the halfway point but im one step closer. And I would never have gotten this far without you Izzy :) Thank you:)

    For everyone struggling with recovery out there, keep going. Sure it might be tough, but its worth it:) To be able to enjoy spending time with friends and family, eating yummy food, that's what life is worth living for.


  2. Today is the first time in 2 years that I have been able to enjoy a family gathering/holiday without stressing out about having to eat food made with butter and oil and things I do not normally eat. Thank you Izzy for being such an inspiration and I hope everyone can realize that there is life after anorexia and there is no reason to be afraid of a specific food group or food in general. Our bodies need fuel!