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Thursday, November 6, 2014

First day of snow

November 6th and its the first day of snow in Sweden. Very mixed feelings... it wasnt so cold out which is a plus. But it was rain mixed snow so you got super wet and the ground was made slippery. This weather has made people a little crazy though.... some of my friends have begun singing christmas songs, thinking its christmas soon...  You can be an optimist, but you cant deny the fact that there is more than a month until christmas. So the christmas songs and decorations arent needed yet... but whatever cheers them up and gets them through the day and weather i guess :)

As Thursday is the day i finish my school day the earliest i decided to sit and get some work done, as usual i guess. Though after a little more than an hour the words just werent coming out of me anymore so it was time to pack up my things and go home. However while packing my bag in the matter of 5 minutes i had dropped my phone twice and the same teacher had seen me do it so when i was leaving he was like, It seems like its been a long day for you? All i could do was nod my head, too tired to speak words.
Even though it was predicated that it would snow today its like people are just as shocked each year. Not realising that if you live in Sweden you have to deal with the snow each year. Its a factum that it will snow, whether it only lasts a few days, weeks or months that depends. But it snows here. So hearing everyone complain... i get it. I truly do. I dislike snow and winter with passion, but complaining how awful it is doesnt make it any better. Instead saying and thinking positive will make it better for everyone!!
   On the way home i had to stand and wait 20 minutes for the bus as it was delayed due to 'snow' and 'bad weather'. While waiting i saw a car crash - not a serious one, but it got sort of messy for a while with cars and cyclists and people just sort of trying to get by and running/driving/cycling around, having to get places and wanting to get out of the snow and rain. Finally the bus came - and of course 3 of the same bus come in a row.^_^ Typical swedish communal traffic during winter time!! haha

This evening i have more work to do and im wondering whether to leave it for the weekend.... or do it now (even though im tired and been doing work all day) but i also have energy from my snack... Hmmm, hard decisions :)


  1. There's a good 20 cm puffy mattress on our Finnish ground, too :) It landed on Tuesday and it is -10°C here now (going over the 0 next week.. Oh autumn). And I get your friends - Christmas jingles drowned into my ears instantly when I first saw the snow! There's also another inhumanly force trying to pull me and a camera outdoors but luckily I'm too aware of the fatality of that freeze!

    Aren't we good at this weather sociality? :)

    1. Wow... thats alot of snow so early!! Though its going to be the same way in Sweden in a few days time im guessing :/
      ohhh yeah i felt the same way, i wanted to take photos but i didnt have any gloves with me and i didnt want to get too wet... but someday when there is more snow i will go out and take photos!!! :)
      Hahah yes... you get good at the weather talk in Nordic countries :)

  2. Omg. Can't wait to see the snow. Pleaseeeeeee take photos for me.
    G.c xxx

    1. :) I will! Though it hasnt snowed today, but in a few weeks time im sure there will be plenty of snow!