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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fear foods & clean eating

I am afraid that if I allow myself to eat fear foods, I will get addicted to them. I don't want to abandon healthy eating. Tips please?

You have to face your fear foods someday... you cant live your life scared of certain foods, thats not living life.
  And if you keep telling yourself that you cant eat something, then you are more likely to binge on it once you do eat it. Its like when a person diets or restricts... they just focus on what they cant eat. All they think about is foods they cant eat and once they do eat the food they cant stop....
   Ask yourself why you are scared of those foods? What is it that is so scary... you wont become fat or gain weight just because you eat a certain food, it doesnt work that way. You need to overcome your fears.

Also know that being obsessed with healthy eating isnt healthy... that can be orthorexia if you are obsessed with just eating certain foods and not allowing yourself anything 'processed'. Dont restrict yourself, instead find a balance with all types of food.

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Face your fears and fight your ED!!

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