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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Facing fears and restrictions

Recently i have had alot of people emailing me and telling me that they are too scared to face their fears and fear foods, too scared to increase their meal plan or eat more.Or they are only drinking supplement drinks because they are too scared of food.

And i understand you, but i also think its important for YOU to just pause for a second and think rationally. Ask yourself Why is this thing scaring you?
  Whether its a fear food, skipping exercise, sleeping in, resting, doing something spontaneous, eating at different times or whatever your fears are.

Ask yourself why they scare you...whats the worst thing that could happen if you eat a fear food, or you dont work out or you sleep in etc what is it about that certain thing that scares you? You cant let your mind negaitvely control you. These restrictions you have on yourself, they hold you back from living life.

I am friends with quite a few people who have recovered from their eating disorder - some from anorexia, some from orthorexia and some from binge eating or bulimia. And you know what they - and myself all have in common? We faced our fears and overcame our restrictions. Food no longer became the enemy. Our bodies werent somthing we hated anymore because we realised there is more to life than just our bodies, food and exercise.

To be fully recovered you CANT keep ED behaviour. If you feel compelled to do 100 squats and sit ups each night, then stop with that. Do you want to be 50 years old and compelled to do exercise each night before you go to bed? Or you have to fill your plate with 80% salad and 20% protein... well what will happen if you to someones house for dinner or you go out to eat or you travel... then you cant always make your own food and its important to be able to let others make food for you.

And with food and being scared to eat it or eat more... i wish i could just drill into your head that you shouldnt be scared of food. And if you eat very little because you are scared to eat more and you gain weight while eating very little then you WILL have ALOT of problems when you are a healthy weight. Your metabolism wont recover, it will still be slow meaning that you wont be able to eat the amount that your body needs. Your body will still be in starvation mode despite being a healthyweight.
Think... do you want to be a healthy weight and still be scared to eat? Scared to eat a cooked meal, scared to a cheese sandwich, scared to go out and eat with others. Feel the need to compensate just because you ate something different or ate something more?

None of that is healthy... and until you realise that those things arent healthy, they are keeping you back from recovery. That being scared of food, scared of resting, scared of living life... well then you will still live a life of routine and in these 4 walls.

You need to FACE your fears. And over come your restrictions, This is the thing that makes you healthy... forget the weight, forget about weight gain for a while. Just think about your thoughts, your habits, your actions... its THOSE that are the factors or healthy or not. You can be a healthy weight or overweight but have very restrictive and eating disordered actions and thoughts. And its THOSE that arent healthy. You need to overcome your fears.... No one else can do it for you. But you need to realise that fears hold you back from life and that the things you are scared of, you shouldnt be.

More people are scared of becoming fat or more scared of food than they are of dying. And that is just messed up. Food is a basic requirement .- something which you NEED to live.Its not a privelage or a choice.. its something you NEED.

Whenever you are struggling look at these quotes and remember them. Remember that you CAN overcome your fears and ask yoruself - What is it that you are actually scared of and what is the worst thing that could go wrong?


  1. I needed this today! Thank you for putting things into perspective always :-) x

  2. I loooove this post :) Really, what is the worst that could happen? But if you keep listening to your ED or keep you ED habits you won't achieve anything. There's no point in it. Just try recovery and sooner or later you will see that living without rules and restrictions is sooooo freeing and great and wonderful and awesome. You just have to take that step. Thank you Izzy a million!!!

  3. Wow Izzy. I am typing this with tears in my eyes. Your words touched me so deeply and have been a huge help. I was feeling very scared and unsure over the last few days, but his post has helped to put things into perspective for me and make me reassess my thinking and my behaviours. Thank you so much for offering your experience and your insight. You are such a selfless person and I am so grateful for your blog and everything you do to help others. Thank you. from Anna in Australia xx

    1. I am glad this post helped you. Stay strong and fight your fears. Trust me, you are stronger than them and can overcome any of your fears, you just have to face them!

  4. Thank you so much!! It is 2017 and I am reading this. Thanks for sharing your experience and helping people that are going through this to have the courage to face their fears! It is very brave and kind of you! Your words have also helped me a lot!