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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Extra special snacks

Some people think its bad to treat yourself to food...- and people within nutrition and fitness say you shouldnt reward yourself with food. But i completely go against that rule.

As long as food isnt something you abuse or eat too much of/binge, then i dont see the problem with treating yourself to some delicious food when you really want it. Somedays you do need to reward yourself with chocolate or pizza. As long as it doesnt become that you have to reward yourself with 100g chocolate all the time, then i dont see why food cant be a reward?

Feeling hungry, tired and just overwhelmed with work i walked into the shop and came out with more than i had planned to buy - hahaha (trust me, there was alot more chocolate and such bought!)! I couldnt decide which bag of nuts i wanted to buy, so i just bought both! :)My 2 favourites :)

Whats your favourite treat? :)


  1. hmm... i really love ricecakes <3

    1. Ricecakes with either avocado mash or peanut butter and banana slices --> The best

  2. Yum! Food is to be enjoyed! ...Especially after a workout ;) I'm craving trail mix now!

  3. Chocolate covered nuts!! Especially almonds :) and my all time favourite and very simple meal is yogurt with frozen and/or fresh berries. I have it as a snack sometimes too. snacks in general are pretty great and nothing to fear!! :)