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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Extra food = Extra energy & Lunch and studying

This morning after my delicious and energy filled breakfast i headed to the gym and i just felt so motivated - so ready to give it my all!!! One of those days where i just knew i had 110% energy.  And i know it came from my delicious food yesterday as well as my super breakfast this morning. Because i was super strong and increased my weights and just had loads of energy, even did 8 minutes HIIT .... hahaha, doesnt sound like alot, but after an hours leg session it feels like forever! And then i had to continue my HIIT - almost - by running for the bus, which is the worst thing to do when your legs are already tired.

Lucky for me when i came home, i already had lunch ready which was the leftovers from yesterday (just heated up some vegetables and might a cottage cheese, garlic and salmon sauce). And my lunch was just what i needed, and afterwards i had some chocolate and coffee - Yup, i eat chocolate almost everyday! Im ok with that, thats what i want and enjoy.

Since i came home its been studying for the past 2 hours 45 minutes...  and now my eyes are hurting from staring at a screen too long and my legs have gone numb - only got up once to make myself some tea!

Now its snack time and then i think im going to my aunts place for coffee and maybe cake? We'll see whats offered, hahah!!! :)

Hope you have all had a lovely Saturday - what have YOU done today? :)


  1. Hi, Izzy! Such a great day you had :) I can´t believe you did HIIT after leg workout. super strong!!!
    My saturday was also quite good. Started with a leg workout too, then got some cleaning done and skype talked with a friend.

    Have a nice relaxing evening!
    p.s. Your fish dish sounds really delicious.

    -startingtofightfitlife (IG)

    1. hahha - i had soo much energy, felt that it was needed :) Sounds likea lovely day you had! Leg workous are the best - its a love/hate relationship :)

    2. So true ;) Shoulder day is my second favorite


    3. Oh my gosh... me tooo :) Though in all honesty i love deadlifts as well... i could do deadlifts 5 days a week, if it wasnt bad to do it!! :)

    4. I´ve just started to add sumo deadlifts to my routine and I love them. Really goes to inner thighs and booty :D
      By the way, I was inspired by you to try intervals on a treadmill. Super fun :)


  2. Heii Izzy ;) You look so amazingly haaaaappy in the pic, which is so nice to see :) made me smile :)
    Aaaaaaaaaalso your day sounds really really cool and productive :) I can tell, that I wasn´t thaaaat successful in studying today, as my thoughts were going bit crazy about having dinner tonight with our whole family in a restaurant :( and the food is already preordered :( buuuut I try to give my best to behave like a normal girl :) no more anorexia :)
    soooo I wish you all a lovely evening and a great Sunday :)
    xxx Ange

    1. Thank you!! I really did feel happy - new personal bests is one of my favourite feelings!! Dont worry about the food or eating out. Enjoy it!!! :) Food is energy, food is delicious - nothing to be feared! Overcome your fears and face your anxiety :):) You can do it!