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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dont judge what you dont know

So yesterday i got a comment about the fact that i eat stevia sweetned food but also that foods are 'high in protein'....
  The first thing is that if you get annoyed by what i eat, that is a sign that you arent healthy. Or that you have some weird relationship withfood.... Because if you are helthy you really shouldnt care what others eat? I mean when my mum went on a 3 day detox where she just sort of drank lemon water well at first i told her that it was silly and that the detox might help her feel more 'clean' inside her body but i mean for losing weight it wouldnt help. And after i told her that, well that was that... she can decide what and what she doesnt want to eat.
Like when my sister stopped eating gluten due to her fluten intolerance, at first there was this feeling of if she doesnt eat gluten, why do i? but after about 5 seconds i realised that was such asilly thought and moved on.

I dont care what my friends or how often they eat, whether they choose to just eat salad for lunch or to eat 10 pancakes... it doesnt matter so much to me. Though of course, if i see someone i know begin to show signs of disordered eating, then i would say something, but otherwise... its no concern to me.

Which is why it should be no concern to you what i choose to eat....

I know there is this whole stigma that once you recover well then its no salads, no diet sodas, no low carb bars or low fat yoghurts.... But for ME, personally i believe that healthy and recovered is: Being able to eat all types of food, but having THE CHOICE of what you choose to eat.
   Did i choose the stevia chocolate because i was scared of chocolate or because i wanted it?

I choose it because i wanted it, just like i choose the Lohilo ice cream because i had had heard good reviews about it and had wanted to try it for a long time. I am not an ice cream lover so ice cream is never the first choice infact i was thinking, why am i buying it... i dont even like ice cream that much. The only ice cream i do like is Ben and Jerrys. But now ive tried the ice cream anyway!

But lets not forget that on Thursday i wrote that i ate both Marabou Biscuit chocolate and chocolate covered almonds, that was WHAT I WANTED. But then on Friday what i wanted was the stevia chocolate and the Lohilo ice cream... i didnt want normal chocolate or a ben and jerrys.
  Its a choice i have.... i choose it because i wanted it.

So please dont be so quick to judge on one photo. Yes i eat stevia sweetned food, but if you might not have noticed i actually have a sweet tooth and i eat dark chocolate several days a week from 2 squares to 6 squares. This isnt something i show you... just like what i post on my blog is about 10% of the food i eat.

I dnt take any of those comments to heart as i know that you are struggling and you might eb taking your own frustration out on me... wondering why i am eating stevia sweetned foods. Thats fine, but just ask yourself... Why does it bother you so much?

I have balance in my life, but do YOU have balance in yours??


  1. Hi ! I can't understand how someone can judge you the way they do because I mean if one really is a loyal reader of your blog then that person would know that 1st you don't post everything you eat and 2nd you eat very balanced diet.. don't mind, izzy !!

  2. Thankyou!This is so true.I hate it when I take healthy sandwhiches and fruits for lunch and people are like are you on a diet?No because they dont know that I had hot chocolate and pancakes for breakfast or wether I have salmon or pizza for dinner.dont mind people like this they are jelous of you that you can decide for yourself

  3. Hi. So I know you said it would be quicker to respond if we commented as opposed to email so....I think its really cool and stuff how you can eat all that but I just ate 2 big breakfast pastry thingys and im freaking out. I keep going over all of the bad things ive eaten this week and how its adding up but at the same time I know I should gain some weight but I feel like I just gained 5lb just because I ate these 2 things, and dessert on Thursday and other things earlier on. Even though I was feeling guilty I also kept eating it because I kept telling myself about how I should gain weight and it caused me to get a really bad stomach ache, now I cant even think about food. I literally almost threw up, then for a split second I got the thought hey the food wouldn't be in me anymore!!( im not bulimic and never have/will be) but then im like no, that would be bad.

    Someone help:( im really considering not eating a lot for the rest of the day but I know I have to as I work later and need the energy.