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Friday, November 14, 2014

Dont compare your eating to anyone elses

I can often be asked online 1) How can i eat so much 2) How many calories do i eat a day & 3) Show pictures/write everything i eat in a day,

But i think this is so silly..... Why are people so obsessed with how others are eating? WHYYY... It confuses me so much.
   What does it matter to anyone else how much i eat... i eat what i am craving and how im hungry. Somedays i barely eat any carbs because im not craving them, otherdays carbs are 90% of my intake. Somedays i eat 9 times a day other days i eat 4 times a day. It varies so much and that shouldnt matter to anyone else. As long as i am happy and HEALTHY. (Healthy is key... you could be happy eating 2 small meals a day but i HIGHLY doubt you are healthy.)
  Also how many calories i eat... well i eat what my body needs. I dont count calolries or macros i dont see the point in it, and when i do it just turns into obsessive behaviour for me. I much prefer eating food without seeing it in numbers or macros, that just takes the enjoyment away if i sit and think wow i just ate 600kcal. No... food is energy and enjoyment, not a maths game.

And then how much/how i eat in a day.... i get it, people are curious but the truth is. I barely remember how i eat in a day at the end of most days. I dont think about it... its natural. If i take a handful of nuts after lunch that is not something i remember. If i eat a row of chocoalte when a friend offers i eat it and move  on, no more thinking about that. So i couldnt possibly write down or photo everything i eat, that would be a sign of a very unhealthy relationship with food anyway. If my food looks good i take a photo for my blog, if it doesnt .- which is 80% of the time i dont take a photo. I mean im not going to photo a handful of nuts or a scoop of ice cream etc etc
  So you may think that i eat a certain way but trust me, there is ALOT behind the screen which you dont see. You dont see the squares of chocolate, the bowl of ice cream, the handful or crisps or the carrots or extra salad i eat. None of that is relevant or important to others.

Food is individual, intake and calorie need is INDIVIDUAL. So dont compare yourself to others.

So a friend or family member eats a tiny bit for lunch or dinner or eats a snack - WHO CARES? Honestly ask yourself why that should matter to you? YOU  still need to eat, you still need food. Even if everybody else in the world were to begin to go on a 500kcal diet WHY should you need to do that? You need the right energy intake for you. Who cares what anybody else does.

And if im honest i much prefer when people say they love and enjoy eating food than those who brag about their diet bars and not eating breakfast. I just feel like... am i supposed to be impressed with your salad leaves and tomatoes? Ill eat my huge lunch, fill my body with energy and be happy!

Focus on yourself and stop caring about what others are doing!!!

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