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Monday, November 17, 2014

Do YOU want me to post about exercise/nutrition

Something i began thinking about yesterday was how i would find it fun to maybe begin writing more about exercise and nutrition. Now dont get me wrong, this blog will never be a training or workout blog. That is not the aim of this blog, but i know that many people who read my blog have reached the stage where they are allowed to exercise or maybe they have certain questions about things. Then it might be fun to write a post about it.... like maybe my opinion on raw food or HCLF or LCHF, or if i make a post about HIIT or running tips or one of my workouts. 
 This i know however can be very triggering for some, thats why im asking.

I have added a poll in this post and it would be GREAT if YOU could vote what you think... either yes, no or dont care.
   This will let me know what you - my readers think. If there is a large procent of people who say no like 40%+ then i wont. But if its like 80% who say yes... then i might begin with it once a week.

I could decide that maybe Tuesday - Wednesday, some time along that 24+hours i would make a post about a certain topic relating to exercise/nutrition - and I WILL take requests - so what you want to know about as well :)

Whats your opinion on this? DO VOTE. Because well if you dont vote, then you cant have your opinion heard :)

Do you want me to post workout/nutrition post 1-2 times per week?
Dont care
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  1. for some reason it wont let me vote but yes,yes,YES!

  2. Yes! But also recipes, your school life, swedish traditions....all your post are great because They are various

  3. Hi Izzy! I wanted to ask if you could answer in a comment/post. Lately I've been feeling very frustrated when there is very little or no food in the house that I'm used to eating. I have a big family and we eat differently. I try to ask my parents to take them with me when they're going food shopping, but thats not always possible because they forget or its just easier for the them to go at a time when I'm still at school. Often times they don't buy things I normally eat and on a daily basis or don't buy what I wanted at all. So I end up eating something I've never liked or the same thing most days. It can make me very upset at times and if I could go to a store myself I would but its too far from my house so it would be very difficult and time consuming. I try to be creative but sometimes there just nearly nothin that looks good in the house. What do I do?
    I think its a good idea you ask your readers. Shows just how considerate you are of your readers :)

  4. Yes please! I would love to read about those!

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    1. sorry i just dont want the link on here :) I dont have time for 2 blogs...

  6. That would be so helpful Izzy. My doctor said yesterday that I was at a point where Pilates or yoga might help me to gain strength and muscle as I gain my last few kilos, but it is so hard to know what types of classes I should do and how much. I want to do it healthily (eg. not get obsessed by it) but I don't know where to start... From Anna