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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Disordered eating times

Ive been asked about if it matters what time you eat food/meals.

If i put it this way, in the end of the day when it comes to weightloss, weight gain and maintenance. Its about the total calories consumed in the 24 hours (over a longer period of time) which matter. So if you look at it that way, then no... it doesnt matter. If you were to eat 2200 calories for breakfast and a snack then i mean you have your calorie intake for the day.

BUT..... I dont think thats the only way you should look at things. Because if you were to eat say 2000 calories for breakfast and a snack, that doesnt mean you shouldnt eat for the rest of the day... you still need food. Your body still needs energy. You will feel hungry again a few hours later and you still need to eat. Your body can cope with extra calories one day. However, if you are eating say 2000calories for breakfast everyday, then i wouldnt say that is very healthy.... You need to have balance with your food. Not eat everything at once.

 Also if you only eat a little amount during the day and then eat loads during the night that is not a good balance either. Think like this, say your body burns 1500 just being alive (i.e your BMR) but you need c.a 2000 just to maintain your weight, but then you only eat 600kcal from 7am-8pm then you are already at a minus of calories and your body will be so hungry that it can lead to binging during the evening because your body is crying out for food, so once you eat you can't control yourself.
   But its not a good balance because during the day is actually when your body needs the food... its during the day you are active, doing more things - usually. So its then that you need the extra food, but also giving your body food regularly every 2-4 hours is best. As it keeps your blood sugar stable and you always have energy. Its not about 'saving' calories, knowing that you will binge in the evening or thinking 'just in case'. It doesnt work that way, if you restrict during the day you are just making it more likely that you actually will binge during the evenings. But if you were to eat more during the day, then it wouldnt be as likely that you eat such huge amounts during the evening because your body actually has the energy it needs.

So try following a meal plan and eating regularly and ENOUGH during the whole day... from when you wake up to when you go to bed. Its good for breakfast, lunch and dinner to be around 300-500kcal and 2-3 snacks from 200-400 kcal.. (more or less, depending on your energy requirment... when i was at Mando i think my breakfast alone was around 700kcal) (IM SORRY FOR THE NUMBERS IF YOU FIND IT TRIGGERING, BUT ITS SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING....)

If you find that you dont have time to eat enough during the day or just cant fit in the right amount, then eat more calorie dense food. Eat nuts, avocado, add oil to food, nut butters, dried fruit etc is all good to eat or snack on to get the right energy amount.

As mentioned at first, i mean its about the total energy intake so if you eat 300kcal from 7am to 7pm and then eat 2000kcal at the evening, then you still have the right energy amount but its NOT a healthy eating plan or healthy eating. I would still consider it disordered eating.

So let go and change ALL of your weird eating patterns and habits!!


  1. I was looking on instagram that a lot of recovering girls use to eat very little for break fast and lunch, and than eat whole bar of chocolate or entire pints of ice creams! This is not recovery! This is a way for binge...I don't know, what do you think?

    1. I think thats just compensation... they eat little in the day because they know that they will eat chocolate later... but the fact is, you dont even know if they actually eat the chocoalte? They could just take a photo of it and eat tiny portions. So i dont think its healthy or recovery at all.... you do need to eat bigger portions or more calorie dense food in recovery.
      But also saving calories isnt a very healthy thing either.