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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brunch & waffles recipe

This morning as i didnt have anything better to do - apart from write blog posts - i decided to make a brunch for my damily. Both my sister and I were awake but my parents werent so i asked her if she wanted to help make brunch!!!
  We boiled eggs, i made waffles (so much better than pancakes) (the recipe is posted below) and i even made gluten free waffles for my sister. Bagels, yoghurt, quark, bread etc etc The perfect home made brunch.  The perfect brunch in my eyes would contain pancakes, fruit salad, chicken, fresh bread etc etc :)

My egg cake, bread, 3 waffles, nuts, coffee, quark etc was all eaten!!! Half of a average persons daily intake was most probably eaten in just that meal... ;);) And today is my rest day - just study and food today that counts :)
   My sister and I began talking about how much i eat and can eat, and she said it was refreshing to see how much i ate. Because so many other people just eat so little but i am definitely not ashamed of how much i eat, infact i feel proud of it :) hahaha

Recipe for waffles: From HERE

3 1/2 dl flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 eggs
4dl milk Arla®
100g Arla® Swedish Butter, melted
Serve with:
2 cups whipping cream Arla®
To do this:
Mix flour and baking powder into a bowl. Add eggs and milk. Beat until smooth. Add the cooling, the butter. Heat the waffle iron. Brush with a little butter before the first lag. Bake the waffles and serve with jam and whipped cream.


  1. looks super good!

  2. Hi Izzy :) I don't have a waffle iron. Do you think they can be cooked in a pan like pancakes?

    1. Im sure you can as waffles and pancakes are pretty much the same thing - almost. But i cant guarantee that they will turn out good :)