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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Binging and gaining weight after weight restoration

I got a question in my email about binging and weight gain after being a normal weight. I wont publish the question as i want to keep the person private, but i thought the question was something which others might relate to. So here is my answer:

If anyone wants more advice on this subject, you can just comment :)

With the binging i think its important to try to get control over what you eat but also try tog figure out why you binge. Is it stress, emotions, anxiety etc? 

I have some posts which can help you :

If you are binging and your body is getting enough nutrients then you need to try to control your binges. regain control over your eating because when you have BED you no longer have control. The opposite of restrictive eating really. 
  Make a meal plan where you eat 5-6 times a day and makre sure you are eating enough, but if you are nearing the overweight category then it can be good to eat at a little calorie decrease. However i do suggest you go to a doctor or a dietician to get the proper help you need. Even if your mum doesnt want to admit that you have an eating disorder, if you are binging that is not healthy and it does need professional help.
   I dont know how old you are, but maybe you could go on your own? You should be able to do that, even if you are underage. If you need help, then you need it and you shouldnt be denied it.

Try to find a balance with food and exercise, do exercise you enjoy. Eat when you are hungry - not just  because. It sounds weird, but you do need to implement a little more restriction, which can be REALLY hard to do when you have suffered from restrictive eating, because you are usually a black or white person. Either you eat very little or you eat everything. But talking to someone like a therapist can help you to find the balance.
Try to add more vegetables into your diet, drink plenty of water and keep cookies/cake/chocolate etc to a few times a week.

The important thing is to get your binging under control and to know why you binge. And then you need to make a meal plan to follow and to somehow express what is in your head - through talking, writing, drawing etc and if possible get help.


  1. I think this is a very important issue that many people struggle with (including me). After not eating "junk food" for almost 2 years, once I got over the fear of it being too "unhealthy" to eat, I started eating a bag of chips in 1 sitting, a whole carton of ice cream, etc. I struggle with this every day and I keep saying "today is the day where I am going to give everything up and just eat whole foods." When I do that, I last about a week, but then I end up buying ice cream or something and just can't stop eating it. Do you think it's better to just not eat any of the binge trigger foods and slowly incorporate them back in when you feel like you have your eating under control?

    1. Ive answered this in a post coming up tomorrow :)