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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Binge foods? (Answer)

I have the problem that I have often binges on different foods types. Does it really help to cut out this foods from your meal plan? In my case that would mean to cut out a lot. It would really limit my meal plan to mostly vegetables, grains and legumes. As food is not really the problem when you have an eating disorder and as it makes this types of food even more a fear food I thought it's better to include it here and there.

Well it depends on what type of binging you have and why you binge. If you binge on all types of food and its a regular thing and you cant control it. Then its binge eating disorder or you binge on all types of food due to restrictive eating and your body is so starved. When it comes to this, where you seem to binge on everything then cutting out food wont help because you will be left with only certain foods. But like you wrote, food isnt the problem here. Its something else. Either that you arent eating enough regularly. Or you are stressed, its due to emotions etc so then you need to find out why you binge and how you can solve that problem. And try distractive methods to stop the binging instead of just cutting out the food.

For me i binged because i wasnt eating enough during the day and eating next to no carbohydrates apart from in my binges. And my binge foods were very specific. I didnt just crave anything and its not like i ate some yoghurt and suddenly i ate the whole carton. But it was specific food like granola, bread, rice pudding, dried fruit. I could take a handful of nuts and be fine but if i ate like a tsp raisins it triggered something in my brain and i couldnt stop eating. It was the same with bread or granola. So for me, i had to cut those foods out because i couldnt eat them in a controlled manor. I even found myself standing by the kitchen pantry and eating granola right out of the box after a small breakfast one day and i couldnt stop myself, even when the voice in my head told me that i wasnt hungry and i didnt know why i was eating the granola. It was pretty much then i realised i had to get my binges under control.

I think you should definitely include the binge foods in your diet and try to learn to eat them in normal portions.
  However if its certain foods like crisps, salted nuts, cheeseburgers etc that you specifically crave then look and see if there is a certain vitamin or mineral in the food that you crave. As it might be the actual vitamin or mineral you want instead of the actual food. For example if you need more salt in your diet you can find yourself craving things like crisps, really salty sandwiches, salt sticks, salted pickles etc etc
   And if its things like chocolate, crisps, cakes etc that you cant eat without binging. Then buying them in mini packs or just eating them with others is a good way to find balance with them and eat them in normal amounts.

For some people they find that some foods they binge on so much and cant control themselves that they actually cant eat the food anymore. But i think its good to learn self control and to figure out what is it that makes you eat so much of a certain food. (Do remember though that things like crisps have added ingredients in them that MAKE you eat more, its an addictive substance that can make it hard to stop eating them once you begin.)

I hope this answers your question :)

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