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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Binge eating/trigger foods

I think this is a very important issue that many people struggle with (including me). After not eating "junk food" for almost 2 years, once I got over the fear of it being too "unhealthy" to eat, I started eating a bag of chips in 1 sitting, a whole carton of ice cream, etc. I struggle with this every day and I keep saying "today is the day where I am going to give everything up and just eat whole foods." When I do that, I last about a week, but then I end up buying ice cream or something and just can't stop eating it. Do you think it's better to just not eat any of the binge trigger foods and slowly incorporate them back in when you feel like you have your eating under control?

Well to start off with i think it depends on the foods and the severity of the binging. If its just that you binge on all types of food and there seems to be no connection of the binges i.e that they are all carbohydrates or you are tired when you binge or its due to stress etc
  If its that you binge on all types of food, then you cant just cut them out of your diet as then you end up restricting and might not get the energy or nutrients you need.

However if its certain foods like cake, crisps, ice cream, chocolate which you binge on... then it might help to try to decrease the amount of them you eat. If you cut them out completely then its like you are going back to restricting which wont help you as you are once again depriving yourself and telling yourself that you cant eat the food.
  But you can try buying those foods in small packs or eating them in cafes or out at friends and not having them at home. This means that when you eat them you eat them in moderation, you dont buy a big pack and then eat it all on your own at home, because that isnt healthy either.

What you can do as well as try to figure out why you binge and what is it that triggers your binges? Is there something in the food which your body needs.... 

^^Now DONT GET ME WRONG - its ok to eat chocolate, its ok to eat sugary foods, bread, pasta etc... its just that sometimes when you get strong urges or binge on them its because there is something in the food which your body is craving.
  I can have times when i eat LOADS of mackerill, but i dont even think its that tasty, but its because my body needs iron. And times when i eat lots of dark chocolate - craving it like crazy and that is often due to needing magnesium etc

But you can also try to figure out whether its stress, tiredness, anxiety etc that is making you binge.

Other things is to ALLOW YOURSELF to eat those foods... and if you eat them now and again DONT feel guilty. A problem can be that you eat it and then you feel really guilty so you think... i might as well  eat it all so that i dont have to deal with it later and you just want to get rid of the food. And that creates even more guilt  and anxiety and you tell yourself - im not going to eat it ever again... but then a few days later you do because you created the restriction. Restrictions arent good. If you tell yourself instead... i can have an ice cream everyday if i want... but do i really want to eat 5 ice creams at once? Or i can have some chocolate whenever i want..... are you then tempted to eat 100g each time?Or just take a square or two now and again.
Also what helps is that when you eat ice cream, cake etc or any of those foods that can trigger binges. Instead eat a PROPER meal before hand. If you come home from work or school and are tired and think you will eat a row of chocolate but you end up eating the whole bar... instead. Eat some oatmeal and fruit and THEN take the chocolate. Those types of food should be EXTRA or ONTOP of normal meals. They shouldnt replace your meals. (unless example you are going out for coffee and cake - then it can be a snack - you dont need to eat double snack, unless you want to!)

If there are certain foods you just cant control yourself - keep them out of the house. Take a break from them... eat something else instead, get rid of the cravings. But eventually you will have to try it again.
  Its like me and rice pudding. I binged on it almost everynight and could eat a kilo of it at once... and then i went cold turkey because i just couldnt have it at home. I would stand by the fridge and literally have a spoon and the rice pudding....
  so i cut it out completely and it wasnt until a few weeks ago i.e 2 years later that i eventually tried it again. And now i can eat it in moderation and enjoy it!
  Am i saying that you have to go 2 years? Of course not, that is WAY too long. Its just that i no longer craved it, it wasnt a food i thought about. But it shows that with a healthy mindset and also controlling cravings you can eat all foods in moderation and what was once a binge food doesnt have to be it forever. You just have to learn to eat them in moderation and also know WHAT IS triggering the binges?
  Something in the food or something in your head.

Hope this helps! :)


  1. Thank you so much! This was very informative and accurate. Oftentimes, I binge when I think I'm losing weight or I'm stressed or tired. I am going to try to distract myself and make single serving deserts instead of a whole pan of brownies or whatever desert I want.