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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bad timing

Just realised what a bad time it is to start with anti biotics..... today i started taking antibiotics for my CF as i know it will help even if i hate taking them and they completely mess up my body.... from my emotions, to my thoughts, to extreme bloating, cramps, tiredness, moodiness etc...Yup i get alot of side effects from them, but in the long run they are helpful as well.
  Though maybe i should have waited until Monday or the christmas break..... After lunch when i was sitting in the library i felt how i was almost falling asleep, despite just having eaten... its then im most energetic! I got roughly an hour studying done before i had to walk home - feeling extremely cold and once i came home i fell asleep for an hour. Sooooo tired. I made myself a snack and only a short while after i got such extreme cramps & bloating that i felt like i would be sick.... and all  i wanted to do was lay down and not have to move. But nope.... so much packing and cleaning to do. :/ I dont have energy for this :(
Tonight (and tomorrow) we're gonna buy food out maybe sushi or some delicious salad... but i cant even look forward to that i feel so sick :( I hope it passes for tomorrow, otherwise i dont know what i will do.

Anyway, time to go back and help again - i felt i had to lay down for a little while and drink some tea. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday :)

P.s the pictures were taken this morning.. so they dont show how i look or feel right now, hahaha.

^^My favourite combination right now - nuts and raisins (actually, its always been my favourite combination!)


  1. what supplement pills like vitamins/minerals/proteins do you take? Ps, I know the antibiotics feeling! Always feel exactly the same way you do when I'm on them. :(

  2. Hey could you please link me to your post that you did on how to destress/ study tipps and for music/ what do when u need a quick break etc. .. I don't exactly what it was but there were a bunch of links for each topic, would be great thanks:) And also, I hope that you feel better soon <333

    1. I know which one you mean but i couldnt find it because i cant remember what the name of the post was :(
      Though i found this link so maybe it helps.