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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Answers - questions from emails

I ate alot last night and i noticed wasn't as hungry when woke up this morn. That's not right isit? I always believed should wake starving, that way you know your hungry. Am I eating too much at night? Or is this silly idea?

You don't always have to wake up hungry I don't always do that. I usually eat quite a big night snack so I can wake up still feeling full. If you eatloads like a bibinge before you go to bed then it might be a good idea to eat more during the day or to not eat as much during the evenings. But know that when you need to gain weight you will feel full most of the time.... and it's not until you are a more normal weight and can follow your bodies signals that you start to feel hungry and full again :)

Do you still eat the same way you ate at Mando?

Sort of... i mean i still eat 6 meals a day, some days 5 some days 7. Though now I eat more what i want to eat rather than what im forced to eat. And I can listen to my bodies signals. :)

What types of foods were served at Mando?
It was just normal food like fish, meat, rice, pastadishes, cream sauces, vegetables etc but I thought it was all super fattening and bad food. But there is no such thing as bad food. It was normal food :) However when i was at the psychiatric hospital in Ireland then i got things like burgers, fries, pizza, biscuits, donuts, muffins etc which didnt help me at all... 
  What i like about Mando is that it was just normal food which was served. Yoghurt, fruit, bread, oatmeal, rice pudding, rice, pasta, fish, potatoes etc
How long should it take to eat breakfast,lunch,snacks?
Hmm it depends what you eat but according to Mando and what i was taught is that breakfast, lunch and dinner should take about 15-20 minutes to eat and snacks should take 10-15 minutes... I dont time my meals so i have no idea how long it takes me to eat my meals but as i eat quite large meals it most probably takes between 20-25 minutes, but also that i write or study while eating, so im not concentrating on my food. But if im super hungry it can take like 5-10 minutes to eat (yup, even lunch!)

Can you give tips on snack ideas?
Ill do this in a post :)

im a day patient nw and smetmes during the weekend i sleep in and then wake up around lunch time and i missed brkfast and snack i dont know what to do?do i eat them as well or shuld i skip them? its better to sleep in right? thats normal... and then just eat breakfast at 12? follow my body instead of eat everythng?'
Even if you sleep in you still need to eat the right amount of energy.... you shouldnt skip meals. If you find that you cant get the right amount of energy into you because you sleep in, then make sure to get up at the right time... maybe get up at 9am instead of 8am or something like that... 
  and try eating more calorie densse food like nuts, granola, greek yoghut, avocados, bananas etc or make smoothies. But dont skip meals!
  When i was at Mando if someone came late when they were a day patient they would have to eat all the meals they missed at once... there was once a girl who had to eat both her breakfast and morning snack at once and then an hour later eat lunch... so thats how it can go. 
  You should prioritize your eating first, and go to bed earlier if you feel that you arent getting enough sleep!

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  1. HI Izzy :) your post reminded me of something i meant to ask you a while ago. I find that at mealtimes I am always the last to finish eating. My mam is always saying what a slow eater i am. I just find at the moment i am so bloated as it is, and i feel that if i try to eat even quicker than i will feel even worse. is it ok to eat slowly? I find as well if i eat quickly i never enjoy what i eat as much as i would if i was eating at my normal pace. though at the same time i feel embarrassed and awkward when everybody else finishes before me and I'm still there eating. What should I do? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.