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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Answers - questions from emails

As ive mentioned several times before at the moment im not really answering emails as i dont have the time for it, but i do try to read your emails if i get a chance and then write a post or a quickly reply or redirect you to posts.
  But i thought i would answer a few questions i have gotten recently sot hat if anyone else has similar questions then ill answer your question as well :)

1) Is eating dry cereal anorexic?
Hmmm i wouldnt say its anorexic but i do know alot of people who when they were sick would dry cereal - even i did that. But its not like if you eat dry cereal it makes you sick, but if the reason you eat dry cereal is because you are scared of addding milk/yoghurt or dont want added calories, then its not a healthy relationship to food. So ask yourself why you eat dry cereal and not with something else.
  If you eat dry cereal as well as something else like fruit, sandwiches, yoghurt, nuts etc then its not a bad thing, but you shouldnt eat dry cereal just on its own as a snack.

2) Ive been chewing alot of gum recently and drinking diet soda, is this bad? How can i change it?
 I wouldnt recommend doing any of these, not in daily life and not in recovery. When it comes to recovery and when someone has an eating disorder they often replace food with gum and diet soda but both are very bad, Diet soda contains aspartame which is really bad for you and should be avoided. It can cause lots of things like depression, can cause impaired vision, its addictive and can lead to headaches and weight gain. Its also not good for your insides.... I do drink diet soda maybe 1-2 timse a month or less but i used to drink 1,5-3l a day during a period of a few months and i can say... it just made my depression worse.

Replace diet soda with bubbly water or tea. But dont use bubbled water as substitution for food. The bubbly water causes gas in your stomach and leads to bloating and can lead to indigestion as well. So try to cut down on your consumption - but know that just like any addiction you will get withdrawl symptoms. Headaches, moodiness, tiredness... so slowly cut down and finally try to go a whole month without any and you will feel much better. Drink tea, water, coffee (though try to limit caffeine intake as well)!
  And with chewing gum this leads to gas in the stomach and bloating as well.. instead chew carrots or celery if you feel you need to chew things,. But most important EAT enough and often - then you shouldnt feel the need to constantly chew or use gum as a way to replace eating food or hunger. Its about getting rid of the habits... think of all the aspartame you put into your body from all the diet sodas and gum. My recommendation - do research on aspartame and how bad it is and that should make you want to cut down.

Im worried that gaining weight will make me ugly and less attractive and i wont get a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  Trust me, this WONT happen. When you are sick and unhealthy, thats when you are unattractive. The tiredness, the obsessiveness and the sickness radiates off of you and that i am sure isnt attractive to people. But by choosing life, health and happiness you should feel happier, have more energy and flow more which will then attract other people.
  But you also have to remember that YOU have to feel confident and happy, because otherwise people will notice that. So like i like to say: Fake it till you make it. Focus on feeling better in your body and work on your self esteem!!! And know that you wont be single forever, sooner or later you will meet someone you love/like. But just because you are single doesnt mean you need to feel sad or blame yourself. I mean im still single and i know there is nothing wrong with me, its jsut that i havent met anyone i like. All of my friends are getting into relationships and easy to think that there is something wrong with me... why am i not in a realtionship. But maybe now just isnt the right time and i havent met the right person. And thats ok!!
^¨Now tell me... which one would you rather have gone on a date with?:)

The weight gain WONT make you ugly or unattractive, it will just make you more attractive! And if anyone ever comments on your weight gain or tells you that you looked better before. You have Permission from ME - To slap them, then smile and walk away and show them what they lost!! Dont let any person bring you down or make you not feel good about yourself!

Since becoming sick my hair has become really thin and falls out and even in recovery it still hasnt gotten better? What should i do?
 When your body isnt getting the energy it needs then your hair will become thin, your skin will become dry among other things. But when your body is getting enough energy, you reach a healthier weight and your body is healthier and happier then your hair should become thicker. Though for some people it doesnt  or it takes a long time to change. (Remember hair grows slowly, so you might not notice any difference in the beginning). But keep eating enough, make sure you get enough calcium, D vitamin, Omega 3 and other important vitamins. You can also try some special shampoos and see if it helps, but the important thing is to be healthy both on the inside and the outside!


  1. hey izzy, this is a great post, and i'm afraid i'm in need of some help.
    lately my depression has been progressively getting worse, and i have no energy (cant even brush my hair in the morning from tiredness) or motivation to do things. life just seems to be pointless and i'm tired of it all. is there any tips youd recommend to make myself get more motivation?

    1. I am sorry you are struggling. But ive replied to you in a post coming up tomorrow morning :)