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Thursday, November 20, 2014

About the Tunnel run!

So... after alot of back and forth, yes or no, should i, shouldnt i.... I had said yes, but then there came up some obstacles which made me think that maybe i shouldnt run on Saturday. But then i finally decided that actually, yes i want to. Its a once in a lifetime experience. And when im older i want to look back to my younger days and know that i took chances, that i did things i enjoyed and had lots of memories and stories to tell. And by the time im 50, im hoping to have many running stories and race stories/memories to tell :) And keep making.... i am going to be one of those active 80 year olds, if i live that long :)

Soooo.....  the race is called The tunnel run 2014,  because well.... we're running through a tunnel! A new tunnel has been built in Stockholm which is opening up Sunday 30th (my birthday!) but before then they have organized a run through the tunnel. The run is in total 10km and around 6-7km of it will be in the tunnel..... and apparently there are alot of ups and downs which i wasnt aware of until after i had gotten the start place! hahaha Ooooppps. Not to mention that i cant have ear phones and music while running as there is going to be so much security there and also to hear instructions incase of an evacuation!! I think there are around 43000 people running - so its going to be a little crazy. I am hoping that i will just be drawn with the crowd and pushed forward from all the other runners, because i am someone who does like to listen to music while running, it gives me that extra little motivation when im tired. But it will be good training for me :)
A few things i am worried about though is my knees while running on concrete/asphalt for 10km as well as my breathing.... that is the thing that has been stopping me running for the past months and makes me worried about Saturday. Because it feels like i constantly have an elephant sitting on  my chest and when i run for so long its like a belt gets tighter and tighter drawn over my chest and soon its like gasping for air. Its my breathing and lungs that stops me and makes me have to pause/walk while running, not my legs.... which is even more annoying because if my legs are super tired and i physically cant get me legs to run another 2m, then its understandable... but when my legs want to push me forward but i cant catch my breath, thats just annoying.... haha XD But i will try not worrying about it too much :)

Im super excited for the run... cant wait, even if its nerve wracking as well. I mean, its not like a fresh run in the forest, its literally running within 4 walls with thousands of other people? My mum really didnt understand why i wanted to run it,..... until i asked her why she felt so excited to go to her yoga workshops where she sits and does yoga and meditation for 12 hours. Then she understood my excitement ;);) Its not the actual surroundings, but getting the enjoyment and excitment from others who share your same interest. And doing the thing which you love with others who also love it!! :)

If you have any questions its just to ask :)


  1. So awesome! I wish you good luck for the run, you´ll do great!
    And if you start feeling bad or feel pain, just remember to take a break. Remember to listen to your body through out the run.
    Most importantly enjoy the feeling and endorphins! :)


    1. Thank you :) Exactly, enjoying the run is the most important!