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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3 answers

Hi Izzy! I wanted to ask if you could answer in a comment/post. Lately I've been feeling very frustrated when there is very little or no food in the house that I'm used to eating. I have a big family and we eat differently. I try to ask my parents to take them with me when they're going food shopping, but thats not always possible because they forget or its just easier for the them to go at a time when I'm still at school. Often times they don't buy things I normally eat and on a daily basis or don't buy what I wanted at all. So I end up eating something I've never liked or the same thing most days. It can make me very upset at times and if I could go to a store myself I would but its too far from my house so it would be very difficult and time consuming. I try to be creative but sometimes there just nearly nothin that looks good in the house. What do I do?

Well ask yourself why you dont like the food? there are of course some foods you just dont like, i get that. But hopefully you dont eat them just because they are fear foods? If you only eat certain foods because they are your safe foods... then its a good time to face those fears.

However, if its just a thing that you dont like those foods, which i get. Then try talking to your parents... write a list of a few foods which you want. Thats what i do for example, though we all pretty much eat the same thing in my family, apart from my sister wants gluten free foods, we both want lactose free - preferably - and then there are 1 or 2 things which i eat which they dont. And some things they eat which i dont etc etc
   Talk to your parents and tell them that you would like it if maybe they could buy the foods you want.... start off with a few new ingredients and items... and then let them become a 'normal' weekly thing you buy.... and then a few weeks later suggest to buy a few new items as well or instead.

Also try be creative...example, if you have bread... youcan try different toppings. Or maybe add tomatoe sauce, cheese and chicken and make it like a pizza in the oven. Or you can make french toast or a grilled cheese sandwich.....etc
  Try to look for recipes with the ingredients you have... ex if you egg, flour and milk... you can make pancakes or waffles or try making banana and egg pancakes. Or egg muffins or scrambled eggs etc (if you like eggs). etc
  But in this case i would say that communication is key... you should like the food you eat. It will make it easier as well if you feel that you can vary what you eat so that it doesnt become boring!

What in your view are the "best" snacks if any? 
I have a terrible sweet tooth as you probably know. Thus my favourite snack in the afternoon is hot chocolate and a biscuit :o but I am worried that this isn't nutritious enough.
Also in the morning for my snack I usually would have hot chocolate too...though this fills me up so much I don't feel like anything else..but should I try to eat something with it then, as well? 

I cant really say one snack is healthier than the other without know what it is you want to know... example we all know that a banana is better than a 100kcal special K bar. But somedays the chocolate is better than the oatmeal, or the hot chocolate is better than juice, or the vegetables and hummous is better than the crisps etc etc
 So it all depends on the person, their goals, what they like, what they need etc :)

If you enjoy hot chocolate, drink it. I dont see a problem in that... but if you feel that you cant eat enough if you drink it then make sure to use full fat milk, add in marshmallows or cream or something (its delicious!!!!). Or instead go for another snack option.... i would say that drinking hot chocolate and maybe a banana would be ok for a morning snack, but for an afternoon snack i would say you need more than that. Of course, i dont really know how you eat in a day. But add in like 1-2 slices of bread with topping. Or only drink half the size of the hot chocolate you drink now and add a few extra biscuits as well as something like yoghurt and nuts/fruit/berries or some bread etc (Or you can take inspiration from Snack ideas post).
  With recovery - and in life - it is good to go for more nourishing food.... but i mean you do get calcium if you use milk. (which you should be doing!). Try varying your snacks and trying different foods and also getting something like fruit, oats, eggs, nuts, whol grain cereal etc into your diet :)

 I find that at mealtimes I am always the last to finish eating. My mam is always saying what a slow eater i am. I just find at the moment i am so bloated as it is, and i feel that if i try to eat even quicker than i will feel even worse. is it ok to eat slowly? I find as well if i eat quickly i never enjoy what i eat as much as i would if i was eating at my normal pace. though at the same time i feel embarrassed and awkward when everybody else finishes before me and I'm still there eating. What should I do? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I dont know how slow you eat but if its taking you forever to eat, then trying to increase your pace would be a good idea. When someone is struggling with an ED they can either eat a full meal in 5 minuets to get it over with, or it takes 40´+ minutes to finish a lunch or dinner... or even snacks sometimes. But that is too slow or too fast. Its not good for the digestive system. Like i mentioned in a previous post, its good to aim to eat snacks in 10-20 minutes - depening on the size. And dinner/lunch within 15-20 minutes. If it takes longer then you will just end up feeling full and it will take you even longer to finish the meal.
   If this is just a phase because you are feeling so constantly full and bloated, then i get it. But do try to eat faster.... what are you gaining by eating slower? If this however is something you just do because you always do it, then try to change your thoughts. Dont make it a habit to eat slow.
   Try to talk with your family, be aware of how your eating and take bigger bites. A problem which i know someone who suffers with an ED might do is take really small bites or cut everything into small pieces, but thats not healthy behaviour, and its good if you avoid those things. Overtime, try your best to eat faster... its ok to be the last person to finish. Somedays it just takes longer to eat, but if everynight its taking you 30+ minutes to eat, then i would try to fix that. It can stress you, but putting a timer on can help... sounds weird, but thats pretty much what we had at Mando with our Mandometers... we had to watch the screen and see how long it take us to eat and the goal was 15-18 minutes.


  1. Thank you! No its just foods I don't like in a 'healthy' way, not because they are 'unhealthy'. I will try your advice :)

  2. :) Thanks for clarifying things for me Izzy. I had hot chocolate AND bread and peanut butter for my afternoon snack today! :) <3 :) x