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Saturday, October 11, 2014

You are your own worst critic

Its funny how i can look in the mirror and think i look ok but once i look at a picture, all i see are the negatives. Im not camera shy, not by any standards :) I dont mind people taking photos of me, though i guess i prefer photos when its something natural and i dont notice they are taking photos or its me holding the camera! With almost all pictures i post (almost!) there are pretty much 99 other ones ive taken which ive disliked...
    Today when i had my little photoshoot it felt good when i was doing it, but once i looked at the photos... it was like a little heartbreak. Wasnt happy with the results at all.... Its strange to see myself in photos, its i really look like that? 
  Ive always had a problem with my face... with my lips and nose. Yup, you could say they are my problem areas for me... and unless im the one taking the selfie (where i know my angles ;) I often dont like close up pictures...)

I am sure i will use the photos in later posts, but here you see a sneak peak (just a few!!) of what we took today :)


  1. You are so beautiful, I wish I looked like you!! Gorgeous photos x

  2. you look amazing izzy - so happy and healthy and beauitful! Hope you had a lovely day :) x

  3. how much do you weigh nowadays? if you don't mind sharing

  4. My dad once told me something, one of those days when I was also getting too much absorbed into what I considered to be "flaws" or "imperfections", things that bugged me a bout my appearance.

    He's a photograph, and he told me that from experience, this process is natural with all human beings: the more you look at one thing in particular - at one's face say - the more your brain will try searching for those small details. He told me that it was general knowledge for any photographer that the more you work on a portrait picture you took (editing, printing, re-editing, cropping, re-editing, re-printing and so on), the more you'll see those things appear, until a point where this awesome stranger you took a picture of in the streets will eventually appear with having so many of these "flaws" we see in ourselves but fail to see in others. That's because we don't pay that much attention to such details, because they're really not a problem. They what make us all unique and give us our own "charme" (in french).

    Wow it took more words than I thought. My point is, those problems we spot on our own face, we are the only ones seeing them, for having lived all our lives with this face. For any other person, they're just part of so much more. People care about smiles, not lips. About sparkling eyes, no whether they come in a certain shape. I'm still struggling myself with my own image but I know we shouldn't, that makes us us. And in all honesty, I really can't see those flaws in you. On those pictures you look happy, proud and beautiful, that's it. -C.

    1. Wow! I'm so glad I read this. I just came to realize this is all true. Just had to put the pieces together and realize it.
      So, Izzy you are beautiful!! Try not to focus on your so called 'flaws'. I know it's difficult but they aren't important at all :)

  5. You look very beautiful! :)
    I wish I will have such a glow on my face and appearance once I´m recovered fully and at a healthy state. My goal is that when people see me they think that "wow she looks healthy and happy. And she looks like she takes care of herself"
    This is exactly what I see in you <3

    -startingtofightfitlife (my IG account)