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Sunday, October 19, 2014

People are more scared of having fat than dying

When people are more scared of food and becoming fat than death, then you know something is very wrong.

I used to be one of those people. Death wasnt something scary for me... infact it was almost something i longed for at times. However food and becoming fat, that was such a fear of mine that i tried killing myself because of the fear. It was a terror inside of me. It haunted me, was eating me up inside.... the thought of becoming fat.

But what is fat really? We all have it. Fat is not just on the outside... but fat is in our insides as well. Are cells are made up of lipids i.e fat. And there is also visceral fat which is on the inside. And then there is of course the fat which is on the outside of our body. I.e essential fat. If we were meant to be skin and bones then everyone would look like that. But we're not meant to look like that... we NEED fat on our bodies.
  It is a way of keeping us warm, but also it protects our insides. You may complain and hate your stomach.... but its just silly because the fat you have on your stomach is protecting your organs. Stop thinking that you want a super flat stomach.... you can never have a super flat stomach. Your have organs inside of you and your stomach bloats, it wont always be super flat. You can look at loads of pictures of people with abs or flat stomachs, but i can guarantee you that they dont always look like that.

And then stomach rolls.... yes, i get them as well. Even if you are super skinny you will still get rolls when you sit because well.if you dont, then i dont really know whats wrong with you. Your stomach is not just a piece of paper... its not just flat/straigh all the time. When you sit or bend over your stomach also needs to 'bend/roll' as your organs are in there.

Why has the word fat become such a scary thing? Something that seems worse than death.

Fat is an adjective... why has it got such a bad reputation. You could say that you are fat to anyone... because well, we all have fat. However fat doesnt just mean fat anymore, now it means something negative. Its an insult. But telling someone they are skinny is a compliment? How does that work....

We all have skin, we all have fat. Thats how the body looks. But when did these words become something good and something bad.

Our feelings, our worth is NOT dependant on our looks. One person isnt better then the other because they weigh less or are thinner.
You need to realise that you are more than your body. But also, that having fat on your body is essential. Its nothing to be scared of.

There are of course people who have too much fat on their body which isnt a healthy thing either...  But if you find balance in your life where you dont binge and you dont starve yourself then i am pretty sure you will have a healthy fat procent.
   After you recover from your eating disorder and have a healthy weight you will also have a healthy fat procent - no it WONT be too much or too high. You need to get rid of those types of thoughts and not think that skinny is better. Fat on your body is your bdoies way of protecting you and keeping you warm. So why are you complaining.

Also know that when people go on starvation diets or they ruin/slow their metabolism, then the body holds onto fat as that is its way of protecting you.

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