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Friday, October 10, 2014

Tired girl says "hello"

Its the end of an exhausting school week.
  Summer feels like long ago.... the days when i sort of wished to be back to school, to have a routine and to be one step closer to graduating. Now i regret it... now i would much rather drag out my summer break.

This weekend my only plans are to work on my school stuff. In 2 weeks time i have 5 big deadlines (essays and projects due) as well as a maths test. And ive just found out that my dad is coming next Friday... which is great. But that is the weekend where i need to do alot of editing, studying and sitting infront of the computer. So not very good timing :( Feel very stressed about that. But i have 1 week to get as much done on my school work so that i can feel relaxed enough to atleast spend time with my dad :)

Today has been a long day and my highlight of the day was coming home to an empty home!! To make a snack for myself and just have some peace and quiet! My body is crying out for food this evening, so lots and lots of nuts and another questbar have been eaten! Ive eaten properly and enough today - as usual, but i guess the stress and 6 hours of sleep is affecting me now!

I've also answered your questions in 2 films! (sorry for delay!) and they might not be the most thorough answers, so if you want more detail please let me know :)
  I am going to watch the videos now and see whether i post them or not... otherwise i might try making new videos tomorrow or writing the answers :)

I hope you have all had a lovely Friday :) How have you spent it?

P.s i have no idea when i will start replying to emails again... can be an hour from now, a day from now or a week from now. So be patient!

^The tiredness is very visible


  1. Hi Izzy! I send you a lot of energy and hugs so that you´ll get a lot of school work done this weekend :) Remember to rest your brain a bit also.
    I had today a short school day then went to the gym. Now just came back from a walk with my mom.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Izzy, I wrote a comment <--- there looooong time ago and I just remembered it and it's still bothering me.. Could you please answer it when you have time for that? <: Thank you!! ♥

  3. I hope you'll have a flow with your work these next days then!

    My anxiety is fleeing out of my hands. The reason for it? A lost headphone silicone bud. That's right. I'm ready to reach down to my gut and pull a kidney out just to get it back. It is looney toons all the way, but I can't help but getting mad at the thought that I might never find it again and that my dad probably has to buy a new pair of phones (he's saying that it's ok for him, though - they're around 20 €, 200 kr that is, right?) :( My sweet little soft honeybud, never hurt a cell. Now I'll know for the rest of my life that I never went and found the hell out of it (it might be outdoors or already in an unknown waste pile), feels insane written with letters but that's my main thought right now - sorry that you had to read this nonsense, for real!

    BUT, I also had a great time at gym today aaaand went to see Muminfamiljen på Rivieran (= Muumit Rivieralla på finska förstås :), had you heard of it? It had been shown there since the 3rd and it funnily premiered here as late as today. It gave a cool, French thoughtlessness afterwards! :D My weekend will be mostly studying like yours, but I'll also possibly order some clothes from the States which I have never done; mom isn't feeling that trusty towards my intentions!

  4. Today was half day at school since I had to go to the dentist. Had a very bad toothache and pain relievers only work for about two hours :( but at least I wasn't stuck in school for another 3 and a half hours ;) Then the doctor I went to said I need a root canal done and that it would cost 1000$ :/ as I don't have insurance yet. So went to another place were they had better service in my opinion and much, much cheeper. It actually didn't hurt as much as I thought it would especially while watching Gilmore girls, my all time favorite show! This is unusual for me, watching Netflix at the dentists office, ahaha! Even though it took about an hour and a half with my mouth open, a little pain and discomfort I'm glad I'm out of pain :) So if any of you are going to the dentist or any doctor really don't worry so much. It's not always as bad as you think :) Now I'm in a coffee shop where theres an internet connection and will be heading to my grandmothers house for the weekend along with my dad and little sister. It's been only a week and I already miss her, which is funny as usually we would see each other once a year.
    That's great that you'll get to see your dad! Though having so much school work in the way is a bummer. But it seems like you have it planned out. Try not to stress so much. It will all be ok even if it doesn't seem that at the moment :)