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Monday, October 13, 2014

This weeks goals

Ive decided that for this week i am going to set up some goals. I dont often do that... not small goals anyway i have bigger goals like Run a half marathon, move into my own apartment, graduate high school etc

But its the small goals that count as well, infact... if you dont have the smaller goals which lead you to your bigger goals then its very hard to reach those bigger goals.

So my goals for the week are:

Go to sleep at 11pm at the latest (i.e in bed by c.a 10-10.30).... ive gotten into the habit of not actually going to bed until 11pm and then lying awake for c.a 1 hour scrolling through Tumblr or reading... though i find that relaxing.

Eat more regular meals.... with school and stress my eating habits have just become weird... lots and lots of small snacking, especially during the weekend. No set meal times. If my family arent home i make a really lazy, late dinner. And sure, im getting enough energy its just that the constant small snacking or late dinners might not be the best... instead its time to steer up my meal times so that i have a meal every 2-3 hours and try not to snack inbetween.

Do HIIT 2-3 times a week...This is needed for my cardiovascular health as well as my breathing. I really do think i need to start prioritizing cardio again, it helps with my CF and breathing. Though at the moment i dont have time for long distance running or running outside, and i dont feel like standing/running on a treadmill for an hour. So HIIT is great... 20 minutes and its super effective and not at all boring!

Study french 2-5 hours per week.... Suddenly, 2 months after we've started school i am going to start studying french again after more than a year and a half of not studying it..... eeeekkk. I either need to do a test to show that i dont need to go the course or, i need to do lots of studying on my own as the lessons dont fit in my schedule so i need to try to fit in time when i can meet the teacher and have some extra help combined with lots of my own studying. This is not going to go well... But as long as i get an E and pass the course i will be fine.

Stress less.... not as easy as it sounds. But this week i am going to try to destress, even if its going to be a super busy week. Stress wont make it better, so i am also going to try avoid writing about when i feel stressed or that i have had a long, strtessful day in school... because well, you can just presume that i have. But by writing out my stresss i can transfer that stress to others, which i dont want to do. So instead... time for some positive and calm thinking!
  A stress free blog and life for a week? Im going to give it a try anyway, hahah!

These are my weeks goals :)

Do you have any goals you want to achieve this week?


  1. I love setting little goals! Yours sound very good and achievable as well! If you ever need help wi your french, don't hesitate to email me! I love helping others with their french (:

    1. Oh thank you :) Once the work begins i might just do that!!

  2. Not at all related to this post, but a question to you, Izzy:
    Do you ever swim? Do you like swimming?
    Would you recommend it to someone in recovery? I know, exercise is not recommended until you reach a normal weight but I don't mean excessive swimming, only a bit...?
    I have not reached my goal weight yet but I'm on my way and I feel that I would need something. Also for relieving stress. And the only form of exercise I miss is swimming.
    What's your opinion?

    1. Yeah i like swimming, that was one of the first exercises i started with after being allowed to begin walking.
      I would wait with exercise until you are 2-3kg from your goal weight. Swimming is quite an intense form of exercise adn it works your whole body so i would begin with c.a 20-30 minutes swimming MAX 1-3 times a week. Not anymore than that to begin with.

  3. I'm currently doing my degree in French so if you need any help, just say and I can give you my email address and give you a hand? Also, have a look at in the apprendre section for good listening, and understanding exercises that aren't deathly boring! You watch an approx. 2 minute video and then it gives you questions (mostly fill in the blanks from a drop down list)