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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday is a day of rest

Sunday, my day of full resting.
   The weather was grey, cold and cloudy. Making today the perfect day to spend in comfy clothes and not really doing anything.
  When i woke up after 7 hours sleep i began my day with a coffee, some stretching and foam rolling. My body felt stiff and in need of some relief, and the foam roller is perfect for that :) Though optimally i should use it 2-3 times a week not just once every 2 weeks or so, haah!

After that i had a really slow morning where i ate breakfast followed by 2 handfuls of nuts and an hour later i ate some crisp bread and 2 hours after that it was lunch at the library. (Super hungry today! Though i think thats because im so tired so my body is getting extra energy from food).
  I walked the 5 minutes to the library where i had planned to study but once i got there, no amount of coffee could motivate me to school work. I opened my documents, wrote a few words, deleted the words. Didnt want to research, didnt want to do school work, And i decided that actually... instead of stressing about it, feeling bad that i didnt do any school work this weekend. Instead, new oppertunities next week. Then i will have more guidance and a clear direction anyway. New energy and motivation. Its not just my body that also needs a rest, my brain needs one as well.
    As i was at the library i decided i might as well sit there and answer my emails so thats what i did for the 90 minutes that i was there. Then i walked the 5 minutes home again and put on a movie.
  Bride wars, one of my favourite movies :) Ive seen it like 5 times but there is something i love about it.... how easy it is. You dont really need to concentrate to watch it.
  And directly after that i changed movie theme completely from girly and comedy to thriller and watched Secret Window with Johnny Depp. Which i have seen before. (If you dont like thrillers/mental movies then i dont reccommend this...). I love thrillers and Johnny Depp so its the perfect combination for me :)
  I also made myself some movie snacks which is always needed when its movie time :)

I also just realised ive lain in bed for a little more than 3 hours, and my body is still feeling tired. Thats what happens when im out late at night... im not even hung over but still it feels like it ;)
  By the end of today i will most probably have watched another film, haha! I love these types of days :) :) Working out is great, i love it. But i also love my movie days and when i just lie in bed all day :)

I also want to thank all of you who read and comment on my blog everyday and to all the lovely emails i have recieved lately :) You are ALL wonderful, never forget that. And thank you for taking the time to write to me and write such lovely words. It really motivates me and puts a huge smile on my face :) :)

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  1. I love Brides wars! I find it hard to concentrate sometimes as usually I'm tired after school/life etc. so just watching something light can be great. I like pretty much any movies but horror films. Just not my thing. So maybe I'll watch it :)