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Monday, October 27, 2014

Some good news on this grey Monday

One thing which i hate is getting emails from teachers.... or having to email teachers. I dont know, its more the unknown of it... wondering what they have to say. Its like i panic inside each time i know that i get feedback on an assignment, essay or test. I want to know what they have to say, but at the same time i dont really. I just want to move on with my life, forget about the grade... forget about that essay or assignment i did.

While watching a series i got an email from my swedish teacher... ohhh the panic i felt realising that she had marked my swedish essay. The essay i had panicked so much over because it was analyzing a text and Swedish jsut isnt my best subject.
  The email however started with Could i use your text as a future example? I wasnt sure if i wanted to laugh or cry at this point... did that mean that she wanted to use my text to show what you shouldnt do, or because it was good?
   Unwillingly i opened my document to find a bunch of different comments... all things to help me improve but then when i saw my grade... it was an A!! (Apart from one knowledge requirement i had missed).... Ohhh the relief. I was just happy if i had gotten an E on the essay!!
I also emailed my teacher wondering if she wanted to use my essay as an example of a bad text or a good text and she said she never uses examples of bad texts... What a relief ;);) A bit of good news anyway!!! haha

^^Felt like this :):)

This just reminds me though that i shouldnt panic so much about my essays and assignments. It just leads to a build up of stress, anxiety and guilt which isnt good for me.... Maybe one day i will learn though :)

Now its time to get back to my series watching ;;);) Hahah... spending my Monday just the way i like it!


  1. Grattis ;) Congrats!!Great! All your hard work has paid off

    1. Tack så mycket!!/Thank you :) Yeah my hard work definitely has payed off, its nice... however just because i got an A on this essay doesnt mean i will get an A in my final result... :/ So kinda sucks. But im happy for now and not going to dwell on other things.

  2. I can't deny that I am jealous hahah. Congratulation anyway :)

    1. Remember everyone is different and you can only do YOUR best!! Dont compare yourself to others :)
      But also know that i have struggled with Swedish for quite a long time... it was only really 2011/2012 where i began writing in Swedish. But if you work at something it gives you results :)

    2. Now I am jealous with you even more hahah. You have such a wonderful heart :) I wish more people like you

  3. What is your first language?

    1. Swedish is my first language, but then when i moved back to Ireland when i was 4,5 years i sort of forgot my swedish... or i could speak it. But i never learnt to read or write in swedish so alot of grammar mistakes are done. Reading in swedish wasnt so hard to learn though, but for the writing... well learning to write essays in 1-2 years in a language you can barely write in is hard work!