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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Skinny shaming & anon hate

Something which i have never really understood is people who bring down and shame others for their bodies.
    I think its great when people promote more curvy bodies and promote all shapes and sizes. Im all for that... but somehow people seem to think its ok to bash and shame people who are skinnier, just to make others feel better about themselves.

Why cant people accept all body shapes. Why are there people who think its ok to send anon hate or to bring others down just because of their body.

Getting a comment and being called Just another fake recovered skinny anorexic. No, thats not my idea of a compliment. Its not something i want to hear either.

People who send hate comments, i have never really understood it. I am lucky though that 99% of the time i get so many positive comments and emails, but that 1% who think its ok to try to bring me down. Know that you dont succeed in trying to bring me down. Whenever i get messages or comments i just delete them right away, dont think about them anymore. Dont give them any notice, because they arent worth my time. I am very open and vulnerable on my blog. I am exposed to all types of comments and opinons.

Though sometimes i feel that people have this image that when someone recovers from anorexia or any eating disorder that all they can do is sit around and eat cake all day. Just to prove that they can... But no.
  When you recover and are healthy then you can choose how you want to live your life - as long as it doesnt become too obsessive with healthy eating or exercise or turn into binge eating etc

My body, mind and lifestyle are all healthy. And my lifestyle is healthy for ME. I am very open with the fact that 1)I eat alot, 2) I have naturally always been skinny 3)I have been active all my life and 4)I have CF. All that combined makes me Me... and makes my lifestyle healthy for me.

My BMI and weight are healthy and i have been the same weight for the past 2 years (ive gained weight from strength training as well). And i eat all types of food...

I might not be someones image of recovered, and sure if someone doesnt like me or doesnt like my blog. Thats ok. Not everybody likes me... not everybody likes my blog. Thats ok... click the exit button and move on with your life. If you want to write hate or get irritated or annoyed by something i write. EITHER Write constructive critisizm or write your opinion in a nice way or write that hate on a piece of paper and then cut/burn that piece of paper and move on with your life. But dont send anonymous hate to someone... no matter what you think or whether you think its ok. Its not.

Shaming me for my body or the way i look wont make me change... though if it were anyone else comments about somebodies body could easily make them feel very bad about themselves.

I think that unless you have something good to say, then dont say anything at all. If you dont like how someone looks, well keep that to yourself. If someone is super skinny dont go up and tell them to gain weight or eat a cheeseburger (Infact in summer when on the bus i had two girls right beside me start talking about me and laughing saying how i should eat a cheeseburger or two -_-), just like you shouldnt go up to someone who is overweight and tell them to lose weight adn eat a salad. That is NEVER ok.

Also think... if you wouldnt say something to someones face then DONT write/comment it either. If you wouldnt want the comment said to you, then dont say it to others.

And to all of you who comment/email such nice things to me everyday you are lovely :) And it always warms my heart!!!!


  1. I comment ages ago about how wonderful you are, and the messages are clear.
    So I will say it again. Your amazing. Your truly amazing and what gift your inspiring others to recover. A lot of us have been there and because of people like you, you inspire health which is soooo not in daily media. Health, spirituality, femininity... you are everything a women ought to be. So thank you for being a leader and inspiring me and many others. Feel sorry for someone who has a cruel heart, and bless them. Its sad they feel the need to say such things because it shows there weakness.

    1. Naaw thank you so much!!! You are so sweet :)

  2. Oh dear! I hope you are doing okay-as you are awesome, amazing, strong, level headed, grounded, and down right inspiring. Enjoy your autumn break and don't sweat the small stuff (mean people and mean words!)

    1. Thank you :) And dont worry i wont... i just felt i had to write about it, remind people that sending anon hate isnt ok. I am strong enough to not let it bring me down but i know many others could eb very affected if they were to recieve hate.

  3. Personally I think your an inspiration :D You do whats best for you and you love doing it! If other people have a problem with that they should keep it to themselves. I don't tell people when I disagree with something they do and judge and criticize them for it because I know how I would feel. Ive experienced the whole cheese burger thing and people don't realize the effects that small comments could have, in recovery and after. Anyways, I hope you have an amazingly, fantastically wonderful day and continue to do whats right for you as i find it inspirational and reassuring through the tough times :):)

    1. Thank you :):) You are super sweet. Those types of comments about 'eat a cheeseburger' etc are so unnecessary, i dont even know what the person thinks!!! haha

  4. I never understood those people too. Why critisize someone about their body? I pay much more attention too the person when I hear them talking and interact with them. I always try to encourage people to not care too much about their appearance and not judge people by their looks. Society is so focused on appearance nowadays. And skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming.
    There's this popular song and it implies skinny shaming. And that's not ok. I mean it's played everywhere and people are listening to it all the time. It may be catchy and all that but the message is. To a really good one and it bugs me :/
    Anyway I think you are amazing. Keep doing what you love and live your life the way you want! You're awesome, like seriously! :)

    1. :):) Ohh is that the song 'all about that bass ?' or maybe im wrong.
      And thank you, i hope you have a lovely day as well!

    2. Yeah it was. And thank you!