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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Simple dinner

When im tired and feeling lazy but also super hungry then this is the type of dinner i make:

Quorn burgers, halloumi (Im not a cheese lover but i LOVE halloumi!), salad, sweet corn, brocolli (because i love it - can never eat too much of it!) and cottage cheese :)

Simple and sooo delicious :) Both me and my sister ate this (hence the double portion!)

Whats your favourite simple dinner? :)


  1. How come you can't eat too much broccoli?

    1. I meant you can never eat too much brocolli! haha I love it, i can eat like 2 at once :)

    2. Ohhh haha! i was thinking ... ive never heard of anyone thats allergic to brocolli before :P But i know what you mean I absolutely love brocollli :)

  2. oooh izzy i loveee sweetcorn too! and quorn burgers! :) well everything that you've got there really, though i've never had that cheese you are talking about, is it really nice?
    my fav simple dinner, would prob be frozen/fresh sweetcorn, with baked beans on yummy wholemeal toast and grated cheese <3 but waffles, quorn burgers and peas would have to come second i'd say. :)
    something else which is very nice, and very simple to make, is cooked penne pasta, then mixed with pesto (i like the tomato and chilli one the best), halved cherry tomatoes, and a can of tuna. and then lots of cheese on top. Yum.:) xxx

    1. :) I like halloumi its got a sort of chewy and salty taste... You fry it so it becomes warm :) Its a sort of special taste i guess!
      Yumm both dinners sound delicious :)

    2. :) it sounds nice. i may give it a try. :)
      izzy, do you know what sort of bread(s) are best to eat when gaining? I love all bread types, but i wasnt sure if there was a sort which was best to have when you're putting on weight - would a wholemeal seeded bread be good, or something similar?
      my friend is urging me to eat bagels as well as bread - she maintains they are good for weight gain too. is she right? xxx

    3. Well i wouldnt say one bread is better than the other for weight gain. Instead eat the one you like best :) Bread like baguette, bagels, pita breads etc are all great to eat. But the most important is that you like the bread and the filling and want to eat more, there is no point forcing yourself to eat pitta bread if you dont like it... this goes for all food ex. if you dont like lettuce leaves, there is no point making yourself eat it :)
      (Just make sure to distinguish between fear and ED related fear foods and dislike of a food) :)

    4. :) thanks izzy. i've never had pitta breads! I had a bagel today with peanut butter for my afternoon snack, which was very nice :) I might even try to make my own! ;)
      I wasn't sure if breads with seeds were a good idea because of the protein in the seeds.