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Monday, October 20, 2014

Schoolday and package delivery!!

Back to school today and somehow the day has just passed by, not even sure how?! haha. I drank an energy drink at c.a 9am this morning and it seemed to give me energy for the whole day, wasnt even tired after school and didnt even feel sad or tired from the rain and dark clouds like i usually do.
    This morning i started my day with a workout before school and it felt good to be back at the gym, thats where im in my zone and can focus on other things and just love being there!! If only my time wasnt so limited... then i would have more time to just spend stretching or just being there... I actually do spend time just sitting in my gym and answering emails or eating my post workout snack or even before my workouts i spend time just drinking my amino acids. I like it, its a comfort being there!!
   And after that my day passed by quickly, even my maths test. Which i think went ok.... i also got my work for today sent in. And tomorrow it will be even more work due so need to spend some time on those assignments.

When i came home from school i also had a package waiting for me.... the longed for questbars which i won in a competition a few weeks ago!! Its been a hassle trying to get the pacakge as when it was first delivered nobody was home and so the package got sent somewhere else and then having to contact the post office and get it sent out again... Yup a real hassle. If you arent from the U.S and want to order questbars then i reccommend buying from Iherb (P.s use my code: TTQ949 if you are buying from Iherb for the first time for a 10% dicount) as the package usually arrives within a few days - not a few weeks!!! ;)

Excited to try the new protein chips!!

At the moment i have the worst stomch pain - have had it all day infact, so going to eat a really simple dinner or something to get some food into me. Havent been able to eat so much today - i didnt even want a questbar when i first opened the package - Yup, that says alot about my stomach pain.
 So hoping that will go over soon... its an uncomfortable feeling when you are hungry but you cant seem to eat at all and your stomach is causing pain :(


  1. I hope you'll feel better soon and have a nice week! :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I haven't had belly pains for a long time, but I remember it being pretty painful. And recently I had a very bad toothache and it wouldn't go away without pain relievers. So I know what you mean about pain at least. Luckily, now it's gone.
    Eating, relaxing and maybe even taking a nap can help. Also laying on your side may help :)
    I keep on planning to get a questbar and at least try it. But they don't sell them in many places, so I'll probably order them online when I can.
    Hope you have a lovely week! The pain will go away sooner or later, don't worry!