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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Round 3, food coma and view of Stockholm!

Lunch with my mum and we went to my favourite food place ever.... almost!!! A vegetarian/vegan lunch buffet!
  Today, because it was Wednesday everything was vegan and most things were raw food as well (apart from the butter that was neither raw food or vegan).
  When i am at a buffet i get my moneys worth of food so first 2 plates of food and than after c.a an hour of digesting the food i went back for a 3rd palte, but only managed 1/2 of it.. It was pretty much mind over matter at that point. My mind said yes because the food was delicious but my body said no.
  Infact i had such afood coma that it was hard to walk to the car and even hard to button my jacet ;);) My poor belly, all the fiber rich food wont be good for it. (One of the changes i made in my diet was to cut down on fiber rich food as that makes me bloat so much. But ill take the consequences because beans, hummous and brocolli is worth it :) ;)

The bread at Hermans (the restaurant) will be my downfall... i am an actual bread addict. I swear. Since i created my own microwave bread i have pretty mcuh eaten it everyday - thats how much i love bread :):) We rarely buy bread in our house as no one eats it and i dont like the pre sliced bread... but fresh bread or my own microwave bread are one of my addictions :):) I thank God that i am not gluten intolerant because i dont think i could give up bread!

My plates were a mix of hummous, bread, brocolli, cauliflower, raisins, chickpeas in a sauce and vegan lasagna (i need to try making this at home it was delicious)!!! Delicious :)

When i came home i was so full that i had to just lie down... i dont think ive been so full since 2011 when i was following my meal plan and my stomach was the size of a walnut! But ill take this discomfort, it was worth all the delicious food :)

Moderation does not apply when it comes to buffets according to me :)

^^,My mum is actually taller than me ;)

^¨Round 3... and i only managed half of it... :/


  1. Haha love the leonard Cohen citate!!XD
    Hei, You can make bread if you are a gluten alergic, and it tastes really good!! But it costs so much money...
    But year, You can use: rice, buckwheat, coconut, millet flour ect. But you probably know:b hehe
    I was wondering if you are a vegetarian?
    And hei about that whit the bloating and beans! If you boil your beans, lentils, chikpeas ect. with a seaweed called Kombu, then it takes away a lot of that bloating effect - it helps a lot! Anyways, try google it!
    I also LOVE! Hummus! <3 hehe

    1. Yeah ive seen quite a few gluten free bread recipes... i shoudl try them someday, im sure they would be just as tasty. Though luckily i dont have a problem with gluten :)
      No im not a vegetarian... though 80% of the time i do eat vegetarian but i still eat chicken some days.
      Ohh and thank you for the tip about the beans and lentils.. i eat alot of those so i think if i boil them before it should help!!

    2. Your welcome!
      With boiling them i mean boiling them (as you normally doo) and ad a piece af the Kombo in the water:):)

  2. Look very delicious indeed! And the quote is very funny yet so true!


    1. Yeah i love that quote... :) Important for me to remember as well ;) haha

  3. Where is your microwave bread recipe on your blog?

  4. I love bread!! I can eat the per sliced but nothing compares to freshly baked bread ;)
    Aww, you poor thing. Though I guess it was worth it. I know that very full feeling. Our family used to go to this diner sometimes and the food was good but the portions were really big. So every time you leave all you want to do is lied own and think you'll never be hungry again. Of course that's not true. But we didn't go there so often.
    You and your mom look so beautiful and happy! So nice to see such genuine smiles :)
    I would absolutely love to visit Sweden one day. And I love it when ou post pictures of Stockholm :)

    1. Freshly baked bread is the best :):)
      Hahah that was pretty much the case for me... i was like, im not going to be able to eat anything for the rest of that. But only a little while later i was eating again ;);) haha.

      And thank you :):)

  5. Izzy, do you think that eating healthy and not being bloated can go together? Because cutting down on high fiber food helped you to stop the bloating, but vegetables, fruit, whole bread and rice, oatmeal... are all very dense in fiber. So is my reasoning okay when I think that if you want to eat healthy, you have to accept the bloating too? Thanks :)

  6. I couldnt reply to your comment so i have to add a new one... (hopefully you see it anyway :))
    I think it all depends what, when and how much of the foods you eat. You can still eat healthy and balanced without eating too much fiber and that... but granted, foods such as complex carbs, veggies, protein are all harder to digest and take longer time meaning that bloating is involved... But most people bloat after eating. When you eat foods like simple carbs they dont really fill you up and are so easily broken down that they dont really cause bloating.
    But if you eat the right amount of everything then the bloating shouldnt be so bad :)

  7. Waw, such a helpful and quick answer! Just wanted to say that I did see it and thank you for it. In your last post of today, you wished us a good night/evening. I wish the same to you! (and when you feel stressed about your school work... think about your essay the teacher wanted to use as an example... you're doing great)