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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Portion sizes

can you give me any advice on this.. i really struggle with portion sizes, for both snacks like cereal and things, and then dinner and lunch too. i know this sounds silly but deciding on portion size gives me anxiety. I started off resolving to go for "nice generous portions"...but when it comes to actually serving myself's almost as if I don't know what that is anymore. Is it a good idea to weigh out things to help with this? I'm worried that when it comes to serving myself I always end up giving myself too little's as if my eyes are unable to judge a correct portion size. :(

Portion sizes can be hard but i wouldnt measure food, because that can make you obsessed about it. Start obsessing about weighing food and counting calories which isnt healthy. A good way to know whether you have eaten enough or not is to ask yourself if you are still hungry... If you still feel a little hungry after a meal then you know you didnt eat enough.

How much you should eat all depends on what your goal is... but i would say for snacks the pictures above are good representations of a normal snack. Though there are so many snack things out there... but ill put it this way... for an afternoon snack its not enough with just a fruit an a biscuit. But instead go for something like a sandwich (with 2 slices of bread or 2 other types of bread) with filling and maybe a fruit. Or yoghurt/oatmeal with fruit and nuts and something on the side etc
  And for morning and night snacks things like fruit, yoghurt, nuts, dried fruit, crisp bread, hot chocolate, biscuits etc... combine a few of those things together.

HERE is a post with snack ideas :)

For lunch and dinner,i would go for 40% carbs, 30% protein and 20% veggies and 10% healthy fats.... so think that almost half the plate should be filled with carbs, a  third of the plate with protein and whats left should be veggies and some form of healthy fat or a sauce :)
   Think like this... take more than what you want to plate. Plate up what you think looks normal, then add a little bit more of everything. And start from there...  Though portion sizes vary so much really, somedays you are more hungry, some days less... but its good to follow some standard guide when in recovery :)

HERE is a post about portion sizes, however know that in recovery the portion sizes vary alot... and arent the normal portion sizes for someone who needs to maintain their weight.


  1. Talking from experience I definitely agree with izzy. I would definitely avoid getting into the habit of having to weigh your food as it is so easy to become obsessed with it. I started weighing my food as I too was terrified of trying to decide on portion sizes just by sight or feel and eventually found my self weighing everything to the gram whether it was a piece if fruit, a slice if bread, butter or spreads, cereal or even things like muesli bars. I was so bad that I wouldn't even trust the nutritional values that were written on the packets of a food item. I would go and calculate the exact nutritional content based on the exact weight of the food. While I have become a little better with this I know that I do still weigh food too much. Everyday I am improving but it is so hard to stop this very obsessive behavior. So please, listen to izzy and try to avoid starting it! :) x

    1. :) thankyou, you give such good advice :) i am glad you told me this, as i was only just complementing this morning weighing out 30 g of cereal for breakfast, since this was the amount they recommended on the box! im glad i didnt now. it is very hard to stop being obsessive. if i think, for example, a bap or a slice of bread is a little bigger than it usually appears to be...i have this awful habit of picking bits off it and throwing them away. :( xxx

  2. Thanks so much, Izzy! :) I sort of feel a little pathetic about it all..for as you know i am a cook and a baker. i find it easy enough to serve for other people, its just when it comes to myself, i run into problems.. i feel so afraid to give myself too much or too little. so i always ask someone else to do it usually - I feel as if i can't trust myself. this makes me feel immature and ashamed but i just cant help it :( usually i would ask my mam to serve dinner for everyone including myself, as i am just too afraid. but i still make my own lunch, my own breakfast and snacks - and every time i do i get anxious and apprehensive. i spend ages just trying the decide what to have, how much to have, and then scrutinising what i eventually do have, worried about whether the portion is ok or not.
    anyway hopefully this will help me, thanks izzy as always <3 x